Dandelion Brightening Face Powder Review: Pretty in Pink Glow

Welcome to our review of​ the Benefit Cosmetics Dandelion Brightening Finishing⁤ Face Powder in the shade Ballerina Pink! If you’re looking to start your day with a perk-me-up‍ that ‍leaves you ⁣looking ​fresh and radiant, then this powder is ​for you.⁤ We recently had the pleasure of trying out this product, and let us tell you, it did not disappoint. The soft pink hue brightened our complexion instantly, giving us a youthful glow that lasted‍ throughout the day. Whether used as‍ a blush‍ or an all-over finishing powder, the hint of shimmer and buildable color of this product truly impressed us. Plus, the soft, natural-bristle brush included makes application a breeze. Stay tuned as we dive into all the details of this must-have beauty product!

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Get ready to start your day with ‌a perk-me-up by trying out this amazing brightening finishing face powder. ‍Instantly⁤ add radiance and achieve ‌a youthful appearance ⁣with this soft, pink powder that is the perfect shade ⁤to brighten ⁣up any complexion. Whether you use it as a soft blush on your cheeks or dust it all over your face for a finishing touch, this sheer, ballerina-pink⁤ powder will transform your dull⁣ complexion into a radiant ⁢one.

This⁤ product⁤ also comes with a hint of shimmer, allowing you to⁣ build up the color to your​ preference. It even includes a soft, natural-bristle brush for easy‍ application. Enhance your natural beauty and keep them guessing how you look so pretty early in the morning with the ‌Benefit Cosmetics⁢ Dandelion Brightening Finishing Face Powder. Don’t ⁣miss out on this exceptional product – try it out now!

Discontinued By Manufacturer No
Product Dimensions 1.5 ⁢x 1.5 x 0.83 inches; 0.35 ⁣ounces
UPC 602004070487
Manufacturer Benefit Cosmetics

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Beautiful Ballerina Pink Shade

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The Benefit Cosmetics Dandelion Brightening⁢ Finishing Face Powder in Ballerina ⁤Pink is truly a game-changer when it comes​ to ⁣achieving a youthful and radiant⁣ appearance. This soft pink⁤ powder instantly perks up my complexion, giving me a ⁤natural glow that‍ lasts all day. Whether I use it as a blush on my cheeks or as a brightening finishing powder all over my face, this product never fails to impress.

The hint of shimmer in this powder adds a ⁤subtle luminosity to my skin, while the buildable ‍color allows me ‌to customize the intensity of‌ the pink hue. The soft, natural-bristle brush that comes included makes application a ⁣breeze, ensuring a flawless finish ‍every time. If you’re looking for a versatile face powder⁤ that will brighten your complexion and leave‍ you looking effortlessly beautiful,‍ I‌ highly recommend trying out the Benefit Cosmetics ‍Dandelion Brightening Finishing Face ‌Powder in Ballerina ⁢Pink. Click here to get yours⁢ now!

Soft and Subtle Glow

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Looking for that to start‍ your day? Well, look no further! This brightening finishing powder is the secret to achieving instant radiance and a youthful appearance. The perfect shade​ of pink brightens everyone’s complexion, leaving you looking effortlessly pretty and refreshed. Whether you use it ‍as a soft blush on your cheeks or dust ‍it all over your face for a brightening⁣ effect, this powder‍ will‍ give you a hint of shimmer and buildable color that is simply divine.

With a soft,⁣ natural-bristle brush included, application is a⁣ breeze, and the sheer, ​ballerina-pink⁢ shade will take your complexion from dull to radiant in no time. Say goodbye to a tired, lackluster ‌look and hello to a fresh, glowing face that will have ⁢everyone‍ guessing‌ your beauty secret. Elevate your makeup routine with ​this must-have product and experience⁢ the transformative ⁤power of a . Don’t‌ miss⁤ out on adding this gem to⁣ your beauty arsenal, get yours today!

Perfect for All Skin Tones

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Looking for a versatile face powder that suits‌ all skin tones? Look no further! This Benefit Cosmetics Dandelion Brightening ⁣Finishing ‍Face Powder is your ⁢perfect match. Whether you ⁤want to add a subtle blush to your cheeks or achieve an all-over radiant glow, this ballerina-pink powder has got you covered. Its hint of shimmer adds a touch of luminosity without looking overdone, making it suitable for daily wear.

The buildable‍ color allows you to customize your look ⁢according to your preferences, while the soft, natural-bristle brush included ensures‌ a seamless application every time. Say goodbye to ⁢dull skin ​and hello to a youthful appearance with this must-have face powder. Don’t miss‍ out on this beauty essential – click here to get yours now! Order ⁤yours here!.

Customer Reviews​ Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Review Rating
The blush is amazing. I was replenishing my supply of product with this purchase. There was⁤ no application brush with the product. 5 stars
For me, this is the ⁤perfect everyday blush color.‌ It’s a soft, light ‍to medium ⁤pink color. In the past, it was often ⁣difficult for me to find​ a blush color that wasn’t⁢ overpowering, too light, or orangy. This is ⁤at least my second box of this blush. I love⁤ that it comes with a fresh, new ‍brush each⁣ time. It’s so convenient and saves ⁢time to have the brush right there in box. Benefit‌ is a good quality line. I noticed⁤ that some people claimed that they didn’t receive‌ the genuine product. Checking the seller feedback might help in choosing⁢ a good seller. Once I ordered ⁢some benefit foundation that had a strong, strange smell⁣ that never went away. Perhaps it was old product. I don’t recall ‌the seller offhand. As far as this blush goes, I highly recommend it⁢ for fair​ skin. 5 stars
Dandelion⁤ is a gorgeous ⁤light color that I use over my foundation ‍& cream rouge. I have fair skin & it glows with ⁤beauty. If they ever discontinued this product I’d weep. Everyone speaks of my dazzlingly beautiful skin‌ & dandelion should get ⁤a lot ‍of the credit. ⁣I actually use a lot of makeup but it doesn’t appear so because the dandelion evens out everything &⁤ softens beautifully. I use it in my own secret way,⁢ looking natural over many secret layers. 5 stars
In the past, a brush​ was always included, but now the product is smaller and has no brush included. I like the product, so must accept changes, I guess. 4 stars
This has been my absolute favorite ‌go-to blush for years. Lovely on fair skin. Can be used as a highlighter, blush or eyeshadow. Makes me⁤ look young & awake! Color is a Dusty pink with flecks of gold and‌ a hint of peach. I tried a few drugstore dupes as seen on beauty blogs (after losing my makeup bag) & they ⁣were not the same. Packaging is⁢ exceptional. Travels well. A box will last a long time. The Powder won’t crack or ⁣leak‌ on ‌other things in the makeup bag. Great brush applicator too! Benefit cosmetics is tops. 5 stars
Use for a blush/brightened. Goes on so nicely & looks‍ natural. 5 stars
Nice thing 5 stars
Cumplió 100% mis expectativas, estoy muy contenta, ‍me⁢ encanta el ⁢color que deja en​ mis mejillas, se‍ ve muy natural y mi piel luce muy ​saludable con el tono. Yo tengo un color amarillo o trigueño en la piel‌ y creo que es ideal para ‍mi tipo de piel. 5 stars
I have very pale English Rose skin and I love pink blusher. A lot of⁣ pink blushers are way⁢ too dark for very pale skin though and its easy to do the​ clown look if you are not careful. ⁣No such worries with this fabulous bit of kit from BeneFit. Its the perfect shade of pink to give that ‘just kissed’ blush look to my face. Easy to apply with either the fabulous quality brush that is included in the box or⁣ with my own dedicated⁣ blusher brush. I use this as both a blush and a face brightener. If I’ve not had⁣ much sleep, I​ brush a light stroke of this across my forehead, nose and chin area as well as on my cheeks for instant brightness. It exceptional quality and well worth the price tag. BeneFit‍ cosmetics are a little pricy but this is well worth it. It will last you ages as you⁤ don’t need much ‌to get that just kissed look. ⁤It gives such‌ a flawless gentle ‌blush to pale skins, perfect. HIGHLY ​RECOMMENDED. 5 stars
This ​was bought ​as a present for a family member who has been ⁤using the product for several‌ years. It helps to give the⁣ perfect English Rose look! 5 stars
I love this product, it is very pretty a lovely colour and ⁤in a neat package, and a useful brush which is perfect for the cheeks, love it x 5 stars
Liked the product and‍ colour also the packing as not plastic and cheap. 5 stars
My daughter in law loved this make up. It was ⁣smaller than I expected but‍ I didn’t pay‍ any​ attention to the size when I ordered it. I guess it’s not the most expensive make-up in the world but is more than I would care to spend on myself. Delivery was prompt – I would recommend as ⁢long as you know what you are buying. 4 stars

Overall, the‍ Benefit Cosmetics Dandelion Brightening Face Powder receives glowing reviews from customers. Many users praised the ​product for ⁣its versatile use as a blush, highlighter,​ and eyeshadow. The shade of pink is universally flattering, especially on‌ fair skin. The ⁢compact packaging and included brush were also appreciated for convenience and portability. While some noted changes in packaging, the ‌quality of the product remained consistently high. Customers love the natural⁣ and youthful glow this face powder provides, making it ‍a staple in their makeup routine. Highly recommended for⁤ those looking for a soft, light pink blush with a radiant finish.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


  • Instant radiance and youthful appearance
  • Perfect shade of pink that brightens complexion
  • Can be used as blush or finishing powder
  • Hint of shimmer adds a ⁢glow
  • Buildable color for customizable look
  • Soft, natural-bristle brush included for easy application


Not suitable for all skin tones
Price is higher than some other finishing powders
May emphasize‍ texture on skin


Q: What skin types is Benefit Cosmetics ⁣Dandelion Brightening Face Powder suitable for?
A: This face powder is‌ suitable⁣ for all skin types, from oily to dry to combination. It gives a natural ⁣and radiant‍ glow to⁢ any complexion.

Q: How long⁣ does the glow from the face powder last?
A:‍ The glow from the Dandelion Brightening Face Powder‍ can last throughout the day, depending on how you apply and set it. For longer-lasting results, you can use a setting spray to lock in ​the luminosity.

Q: Can I⁣ use this face powder as a highlighter?
A: ⁤While this face powder does⁢ have a hint ⁤of shimmer, it is more suitable as a finishing powder or blush. If you prefer a more intense highlight, you may want to layer it with a separate highlighter for a ⁣glamorous look.

Q: Is the ​soft, natural-bristle brush included‌ with the face⁤ powder good quality?
A: Yes, the⁢ brush included with the Dandelion Brightening Face Powder is of good quality. It is soft and easy to use for applying the powder to your cheeks ‍and face. However,⁣ if you prefer using your own⁢ makeup brushes, feel free to do so.

Q: Does the pink shade ⁢of the​ face powder suit all skin tones?
A: Yes, the ballerina pink shade​ of the Dandelion Brightening Face Powder is universally flattering and suits all skin tones. ⁣It gives a subtle pop of color and radiance‌ to everyone’s complexion.

Ignite ‍Your Passion

As we come to the end of our Dandelion Brightening Face Powder review, we can’t help but​ rave about the gorgeous pink glow this product gives us. It truly is the perfect perk-me-up for our complexion, providing instant‌ radiance and a youthful appearance. Whether ‍used as a soft blush or a brightening finishing powder, this sheer, ballerina-pink powder is a must-have in ⁢our makeup ⁢routine.

So why wait? Brighten up your day and add ⁣a touch of pink radiance ‌to your look with Benefit Cosmetics Dandelion Brightening Finishing Face Powder. Click here to get your own little pot of magic: Get it ⁤now!

Thank you for reading our review and don’t forget to stay pretty in pink! 💖

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