Review: Nite Ize Connect Case for iPhone 5 – Practical & Protective

Welcome ‌to our review of the Nite Ize CNT-IP5-69TC Connect Case for iPhone 5!⁤ As tech⁤ enthusiasts, we are always ⁢on the⁤ lookout for products⁤ that not only protect our devices⁤ but‍ also enhance their functionality.‌ The⁤ Nite Ize Connect Case ‌does ‌just that, with its slim profile,‌ durable ‌construction, and innovative design. Join us as we‌ dive into the features of this Translucent ​Turquoise case and see if it lives up to the hype for the⁢ iPhone 5.

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The Nite Ize‍ CNT-IP5-69TC Connect ‍Case for iPhone 5 is a smart and efficient way to ⁢protect‌ your device without ⁣compromising its sleek design. Made of high-grade Lexan‍ polycarbonate, ​this⁢ case is‌ both ⁤durable and lightweight, offering serious protection from‌ everyday wear and tear. The innovative flex-hinge design allows for quick and easy ​insertion and removal, while the ‍included removable Connect Clip makes it easy to attach your phone to pockets, straps, or ⁢belts.

With a range of eye-catching colors to⁢ choose​ from, the Connect ​Case‍ also features ⁤a soft-touch feel and positive diamond grip pattern for added‌ security. ⁢The case comes with a ‌custom-sized, ‍anti-fingerprint clear screen protector to keep your‍ screen looking ⁤pristine. Overall, this case is a practical and⁤ stylish option for anyone looking to protect their iPhone 5​ in a sleek and efficient manner. Check it out on Amazon for more details ⁣and‌ to make your purchase!

Design and Durability

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When it comes to the ​of ‍this iPhone 5 Connect Case, ⁤we are truly impressed. ​The slim, lightweight, and practical ⁤design perfectly complements the sleek size of the iPhone 5. The high-grade, shatterproof Lexan⁢ polycarbonate ‍construction provides serious protection from everyday wear and tear, ensuring⁣ that your device stays safe and secure at all times. The unique flex-hinge design makes ​it easy to‍ insert and remove your phone from the case, while​ the included removable Connect ⁢Clip allows for convenient attachment to pockets, straps, or belts.

Not only does‌ the Connect⁢ Case offer dependable shock-absorption, but ⁣it also comes‌ with ⁣a custom-sized,​ anti-fingerprint ⁣clear ​screen protector for ‌added⁢ protection. The soft-touch feel and​ positive diamond⁣ grip⁤ pattern not only⁤ enhance⁢ the overall aesthetics of the case, but also provide a ⁤comfortable and secure grip. With ⁤a range of eye-catching colors available, ‍the Connect‌ Case ​for ‍iPhone 5 is a⁤ stylish and functional⁤ accessory that ensures your device remains accessible and well-protected. If you’re looking⁢ for ⁣a durable and well-designed case for your iPhone‌ 5, look no further than the Nite Ize Connect Case⁤ – you won’t be disappointed! So, why wait? Check it out on Amazon now!

Functionality and Usability

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When it comes to , the Nite Ize Connect Case for iPhone 5 truly shines. The slim, lightweight design of the case perfectly complements the sleek profile of the iPhone 5, while still providing‌ dependable ⁢protection from everyday‍ wear and tear. The innovative flex-hinge​ design⁣ makes it ⁢quick and easy to insert and remove ⁢your phone ⁢from the case, ⁤allowing for hassle-free⁤ use​ on the go. Plus, the included ⁣removable‍ Connect Clip lets you conveniently attach your ⁣phone to pockets, straps, or belts ‌for added convenience.

Not only does‍ the Connect Case offer superior protection and ​practicality, but it also comes in a range of eye-catching colors ⁤to suit your personal style. The soft-touch​ feel and positive diamond grip pattern not only ​add a touch of sophistication to your device, but also enhance your⁣ grip for added security. With a custom-sized,‌ anti-fingerprint clear screen ‌protector included, you can rest​ assured that your iPhone‌ 5 ​will remain in pristine condition. Elevate your iPhone 5 experience ‌with the Nite Ize ⁣Connect Case and enjoy‌ a ⁤perfect ⁢balance⁣ of style and functionality. Don’t miss​ out on upgrading your device,⁤ check it‌ out on Amazon today!


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When it comes to protecting our iPhone 5, the ⁢Nite Ize CNT-IP5-69TC Connect​ Case is our top choice. Made ‌of high-grade shatterproof Lexan polycarbonate, this case is not only slim and⁣ lightweight but ‌also incredibly durable. The⁤ flex-hinge design makes it easy to insert and remove our phone quickly, while⁤ the included removable ‍Connect Clip allows us​ to conveniently attach⁣ it to pockets, straps, or belts. Plus, the anti-fingerprint clear screen​ protector keeps our screen ⁢looking pristine.

The unique design of the Connect Case keeps all of our iPhone’s features accessible at⁤ all times, making it both stylish and practical. The‍ soft-touch feel and⁢ positive diamond grip pattern‌ add⁣ a touch of flair​ to our ⁣phone, while the slim-line design complements ⁢the⁤ sleek size​ of the iPhone 5‍ perfectly. With a ‍range of eye-catching colors to⁤ choose from, the Nite Ize⁢ Connect Case offers serious protection from everyday wear‍ and tear, ensuring our​ phone⁤ stays⁣ safe and secure wherever we go. Get your hands on this innovative‍ iPhone 5 case today. ⁢

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis:

After going through several ⁣customer ‌reviews for⁢ the Nite Ize Connect Case for iPhone 5, we have compiled the ​following analysis:

Positive⁢ Reviews:

Customer Review
Review ⁢#1 The ‍customer was ‌pleased that the case ‌worked well with the ‌iPhone‍ 5s, despite initial concerns about‌ compatibility. ‍They appreciated the spacious cutouts for ​the dual ⁣flash.
Review ‍#2 This customer found the case to be smaller than an⁣ Otterbox Defender, which they preferred. They‍ liked the ​design and versatility‍ of‍ the ⁣S-clip.
Review #3 One user praised the case for‌ its durability, citing a 15-foot​ drop from a ladder without any ‍damage‌ to the​ phone. They also received compliments on the design of the case.
Review #4 The reviewer appreciated the ​protective features‌ of the case​ and found it‌ convenient⁢ for quick‌ access to the phone in their pocket.
Review #5 This customer liked the slim and solid design of the ⁢case, as well ⁣as the functionality of the clip for wearing the ‍phone in their pocket.

Negative Reviews:

Customer Review
Review #1 One customer mentioned that the‍ clip on the case broke easily, suggesting​ a​ redesign with a metal ⁢clip⁣ for better durability.
Review #2 Another ⁤user⁣ was disappointed that‍ the clip did​ not work with the S-biner as advertised, highlighting an issue with compatibility.
Review #3 One reviewer found‍ the case to be less comfortable than a previous leather⁣ case they owned, but still appreciated its slim‌ profile and ⁣clip mechanism.
Review #4 A​ customer noted that the case ⁤did not‌ fit their iPhone 5s as well as a previous model for their iPhone 4, ​but still found it to offer good‌ protection.
Review #5 This‍ customer experienced difficulty removing the phone from the case⁢ after applying a screen‍ protector, which hindered usability.

Overall, the Nite⁤ Ize ​Connect Case for iPhone 5 received mixed ‍reviews, with customers appreciating its design, durability, and protective features, while some faced issues with compatibility, clip durability, and ⁣overall ⁢usability.

Pros & Cons

Pros &⁣ Cons


Slim and lightweight design
Durable ​and shatterproof material
Offers serious⁤ protection ⁣from​ everyday wear​ and​ tear
Dependable shock-absorption
Unique ​design keeps iPhone’s features accessible
Easy and secure installation
Comes with removable Connect Clip for ‌convenience
Includes‌ custom sized, anti-fingerprint ⁣clear screen protector
Available in a⁣ range of eye-catching colors
Soft-touch feel​ and positive ⁣diamond grip pattern


May add some bulk to the sleek size of the iPhone 5
Translucent color ​may show scratches⁤ and marks more ⁣easily

Overall, the⁤ Nite ‍Ize Connect Case for iPhone 5 is a⁣ practical and protective option for keeping your ‌device safe and accessible. With its durable construction, ⁢easy‌ installation, and ⁤convenient features, it’s ⁣a great choice for anyone looking to ⁢safeguard their iPhone ‌5.⁤ Just​ be aware‌ that it may add a ⁤bit ⁢of bulk and the translucent color could show wear over time.


Q: How easy ‌is it to install ‍and remove the Connect Case for ‍iPhone 5?
A: The innovative one-piece flex-hinge design ‍of the Connect‌ Case makes it incredibly easy and secure‌ to⁤ install and remove from your iPhone. ⁣No‍ need to struggle with⁣ putting on or taking off the case – it’s quick and hassle-free!

Q: Does the Connect Case offer enough protection for everyday use?
A: Absolutely!⁤ The ⁢high-grade, shatterproof Lexan polycarbonate construction of the⁤ Connect Case provides serious protection ​from⁤ everyday wear ⁣and tear. ‌It also offers dependable shock-absorption, so you⁤ can trust that your iPhone 5 is well-protected in this case.

Q: Is the Connect Clip included with the case useful?
A: The removable black Connect Clip included with the Connect⁣ Case is incredibly useful. You can conveniently attach your phone to pockets, straps, or⁣ belts for easy access. It adds an extra level of functionality to‍ the case.

Q: Does the⁣ clear screen protector ⁢that comes with the Connect Case affect⁣ the ⁤touch sensitivity of the iPhone⁢ screen?
A: ‍Not‍ at all! The custom-sized, ​anti-fingerprint clear screen protector included with the Connect Case is ⁣designed to keep your iPhone screen‌ protected without compromising touch sensitivity. You can enjoy using your iPhone as usual‍ with the screen protector​ on.

Q: Are there different color options available for the Connect Case?
A: Yes, ⁤the Connect ‌Case is⁤ available‍ in a range of eye-catching colors to suit your personal style. Choose from a⁣ variety of colors to complement your iPhone 5 and make a statement with your case.

Unlock Your Potential

In conclusion, ‍the Nite Ize ⁢Connect Case for iPhone 5 is a practical and​ protective ‍solution for keeping your device safe ‍and⁤ accessible. Its high-grade materials, innovative ‌design, and range‌ of features make it a⁣ must-have accessory ⁢for any iPhone⁢ 5 owner. So why ‌wait? Click here to get your own Nite Ize Connect Case in ⁣Translucent Turquoise today!

Get your Nite ‌Ize‍ Connect Case‍ for ⁣iPhone 5 now!

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