Say goodbye to drain clogs with the PlumbCraft Nylon Lint Trap

Hey there,​ laundry warriors! We’ve all been there – doing our laundry, only to find that pesky lint ⁣clogging up⁤ our washing machine drain system. But ⁤fear not,‍ because we have found ‍the perfect solution: the PlumbCraft 7639500T⁢ Nylon Lint Trap! We’ve⁢ put this ‌product to the test, and let us⁣ tell you, it does not ​disappoint.

The tight weave of‍ the nylon trap catches lint before it even has a chance to go into⁤ the drain, saving you from potential clogs and costly repairs. The strong elastic form fitting grip ensures that this‌ lint trap ‍fits most washing machine drain hoses, making​ it a versatile and‌ essential tool for any laundry room.

Trust us when​ we say that PlumbCraft has got you covered‌ when it comes‌ to all things ⁤plumbing. With over 50 years of experience, ⁣this brand is a ⁤reliable choice for all of your toilet⁤ care and repair needs. So say‌ goodbye to lint build-up and hello to a smoothly running washing machine with the PlumbCraft Nylon Lint‌ Trap!

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Keep your washing machine drain system and discharge hoses free from lint buildup with ‌the Nylon‌ Lint Trap from PlumbCraft. This ⁣innovative trap features a tight nylon weave that effectively catches ‍lint before it ⁤can clog ⁢up your ‍plumbing. The strong elastic grip ensures ‍a secure fit on most washing machine drain⁢ hoses, providing peace of mind with every load of laundry.

PlumbCraft ⁢has been a⁤ trusted brand in plumbing for over 50 years, and their Nylon Lint Trap is a cost-effective alternative to aluminum traps. Say⁣ goodbye to clogged ⁣drains and potential plumbing issues with this simple yet effective solution. Don’t let lint wreak havoc on your washing machine ‍– invest in the PlumbCraft ⁢Nylon ‍Lint Trap today for a cleaner, more efficient laundry experience.

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Key Features and Benefits

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When it comes to keeping ⁣your washing machine ‌drain system and discharge hoses free from lint build-up,​ the PlumbCraft Nylon Lint Trap is a game-changer. With ​its tight nylon weave, this trap effectively catches lint before‍ it can cause‌ clogs in your plumbing system. The strong elastic form fitting grip ensures that it will securely fit most⁤ washing machine drain hoses,‍ providing peace ⁢of mind and hassle-free maintenance.

Not only⁣ does the PlumbCraft Nylon Lint Trap offer ​a cost-effective alternative to aluminum ⁣lint traps, but it also‍ boasts the trusted quality ⁣of a⁢ brand that ‍plumbers have relied on for over 50 years. Say ⁤goodbye to worries about lint clogging‌ your washing machine drain system and discharge ‌hoses, and say hello to a simpler, more efficient laundry routine ‌with the ⁢PlumbCraft Nylon Lint Trap. Trust us, your ​plumbing will thank you. Ready to upgrade your washing‍ machine maintenance​ routine? Get‍ your hands on the PlumbCraft Nylon Lint Trap today!

In-Depth Analysis

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Upon conducting an of the PlumbCraft 7639500T ⁢Nylon Lint Trap, we were thoroughly impressed by its ability ​to prevent⁤ lint build-up in washing machine drain⁤ systems and discharge​ hoses. The tight weave of the⁢ nylon effectively catches lint before it⁢ has ⁤a chance to clog up the drain, offering ⁣a simple yet effective solution to a common household issue.

<p>We particularly appreciate the strong elastic form fitting grip of the lint trap, which ensures that it fits most washing machine discharge hoses securely. This product proves to be a cost-effective alternative to aluminum lint traps, making it a reliable choice for those looking to maintain the efficiency of their washing machines without breaking the bank.</p>

Product Features:

Feature Description
Material Nylon
Compatibility Fits all washing machines
Installation Attaches to ⁢the end of the washing machine ⁢drain hose

<p>If you're tired of dealing with lint clogs in your washing machine drain system, we highly recommend giving the PlumbCraft Nylon Lint Trap a try. Take control of your laundry room maintenance today and say goodbye to the hassle of unclogging drains!</p>

Our Recommendations

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Looking for a simple and effective ⁤solution to prevent lint build-up in your washing machine⁣ drain system and discharge​ hoses? Look no‌ further than the Nylon ⁢Lint Trap from PlumbCraft. This ingenious product features a tight weave nylon material that catches lint before it can clog up your drains, ​ensuring your washing machine runs smoothly without any issues. Plus, with its strong elastic form fitting grip, this lint‍ trap is designed to fit ⁣most washing machine drain hoses, ⁢making⁤ it a versatile and practical choice for any home.

Don’t let lint cause⁢ havoc in your washing machine – trust PlumbCraft to keep things running smoothly. With over‍ 50 years of ⁢experience in the plumbing industry, PlumbCraft is⁤ a brand that plumbers trust for a reason. And with this 2-pack of Nylon Lint Traps,​ you’ll have‍ peace ⁣of mind knowing that your washing machine drain system is protected. Say goodbye to costly repairs and maintenance with this affordable and effective solution. Get your PlumbCraft Nylon Lint ‌Trap ​today!

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing⁣ the⁢ customer reviews​ for the PlumbCraft Nylon Lint Trap, we‍ have compiled a summary of the feedback provided by users:

Positive ​Reviews

The nets help keep ⁣lint out of⁣ my basin drain. Easy to install and remove. Collects lint effectively. Great for grey-water recycle systems. Easy ​to clean and reuse.

Negative⁣ Reviews

Some ‍users ⁤found the trap too big for their hose. One user experienced the trap falling off and‍ causing a clog. One customer had issues with⁤ the ⁣trap clogging easily. One user felt the ‌product did not live up to their previous experience. Some customers found the price ⁤to be high for the product.

Overall,‍ the PlumbCraft Nylon Lint Trap has received positive ⁢feedback ⁢from users for​ its effectiveness in trapping lint and keeping drains clear. However, there have been some issues reported regarding size, ⁢clogging,⁢ and price. It ⁤is recommended to ensure the trap fits your hose properly and to monitor it regularly for effective performance.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


1 Prevents lint build up in washing machine drain⁤ systems
2 Tight⁢ weave nylon catches lint effectively
3 Strong elastic form fitting grip fits most washing machine discharge hoses
4 Least cost alternative to ⁢aluminum⁤ lint traps


1 May need to be cleaned ⁤regularly to maintain effectiveness
2 May not fit all types of washing machines
3 Some‌ users may find installation to be a bit challenging


Q: How easy is it to⁣ install the ‌PlumbCraft Nylon ​Lint Trap?

A: Installing the PlumbCraft Nylon⁢ Lint Trap is a​ breeze! Simply slide it onto ​the‍ end of your washing machine drain ​hose and‍ let the elastic grip do its job. No need ‌for tools or​ complicated instructions — it’s that easy!

Q: Will the PlumbCraft Nylon Lint Trap fit my washing machine?

A: The PlumbCraft Nylon Lint Trap is designed to fit most⁤ washing machine discharge hoses with its strong elastic ⁢grip. Whether you have a top-loading or front-loading washing machine, this​ lint trap will keep your‌ drain system clear of lint ⁣build ⁢up.

Q: How often ​should I clean the PlumbCraft Nylon Lint ⁢Trap?

A: We recommend checking the lint trap regularly and cleaning ‍it out as needed.​ Depending ​on how often you‍ do laundry ​and how⁤ much lint your clothes produce, you may need to clean the trap more frequently. ⁤But don’t worry –‌ cleaning the trap is a ⁢quick and easy task.

Q: Can I use the PlumbCraft Nylon Lint ​Trap with other appliances besides washing machines?

A: While the​ PlumbCraft Nylon‌ Lint Trap‌ is⁢ specifically‍ designed for washing machine drain systems, you can ⁢potentially use⁣ it ‌with other appliances ‌that produce lint ⁣or debris.‍ Just make ​sure to monitor the trap and clean it out regularly to ensure optimal performance.

Ignite Your ⁢Passion

As we wrap up our review of the PlumbCraft Nylon Lint Trap,⁢ we can confidently say goodbye to drain​ clogs and hello‌ to a cleaner ⁢washing machine drain system. With its ‌durable nylon material and secure elastic grip, this 2 pack of lint traps​ is ⁤a must-have for every household.

Don’t let lint build-up cause costly damage to your washing machine — trust PlumbCraft, the brand that plumbers ‌have relied on for over five decades. Say goodbye to the hassle of ⁣aluminum ⁤lint traps and switch to the more affordable and effective Nylon⁣ Lint Trap today.

To get your hands on the PlumbCraft Nylon Lint Trap ⁤and start experiencing​ the benefits for⁣ yourself, click on the link below:

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Here’s⁣ to lint-free ⁤drains and hassle-free laundry days!

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