Sun Shade Review: Bestop 5240311 Mesh Bikini Top for Wrangler – Targa Style

Welcome to⁣ our product review blog post of the ⁤Bestop 5240311 ​Mesh Sun Bikini⁤ Top For 1996-2007 Wrangler – Targa Style. ⁤Today,⁣ we want ‌to‍ share our first-hand ⁣experience​ with this⁣ innovative and stylish ⁣interior sun shade. Whether​ you’re going‍ on a thrilling off-road adventure or simply cruising around town, this sun ​bikini ⁤top is a must-have‌ accessory for your Wrangler.

One of the⁤ standout features of the ⁣Bestop 5240311⁣ Mesh Sun‍ Bikini Top ‍is its‌ easy‍ installation. ⁢With no drilling required, you can have it up and ready to go in just a couple ‍of minutes. Simply attach it above the driver and passenger seats,‍ and it will stay securely in place, even when⁤ your soft top is off the vehicle. This is perfect for those sunny days when you want to feel the wind⁤ in ‍your ⁤hair while⁢ still protecting yourself ⁤from harsh UV ⁤rays.

The Bestop⁢ 5240311 ⁢Mesh Sun Bikini Top is available in two fabric ⁤options: mesh​ and ⁣solid black ‍diamond. The mesh fabric allows filtered sunlight ‌to come through, creating a comfortable ​and shaded interior environment. On the other hand, the solid black diamond fabric ensures that no water can penetrate its surface, giving you peace⁣ of mind during⁣ unexpected rain showers.

You‌ also have the⁢ option‍ to choose ​between the standard Targa-style length or the extended⁤ Safari length. The Targa-style length provides coverage above the driver and passenger seats,‌ while the​ Safari length​ extends all the way back to the rear‌ cargo area. This added coverage is especially useful for those who ⁢enjoy going on longer expeditions or⁤ need extra protection for their gear.

Another great aspect of this sun bikini top‍ is its versatility.⁤ It ⁣doesn’t require an ‌extra-cost windshield channel to install, thanks to‌ its⁤ simple hook-n-loop fastener and J-Hook system. These features make it easy to mount the top to the factory sport bar⁤ system ​and interior windshield ‌footman loops, without the need for any additional tools. Additionally, the hemmed edges of ⁤the top​ ensure its durability, ‍even in rugged⁣ outdoor conditions.

Whether you have ​factory door surrounds or not, the Bestop 5240311 Mesh Sun Bikini Top can be installed with or without⁣ them.​ This flexibility allows you to personalize your Wrangler to​ suit your preferences and needs.

In conclusion, the​ Bestop 5240311⁣ Mesh Sun ‍Bikini Top For 1996-2007 Wrangler -‌ Targa Style is a fantastic accessory for any‍ Wrangler owner. With its easy installation, durable construction, and ⁣customizable options, it ‌provides both style and function to enhance your driving experience. Stay ​tuned for our in-depth analysis and‌ review of this top-notch product.

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Our‍ new Sun Bikini ‌Top is the perfect accessory ⁤for your ‌Wrangler, providing an interior sun shade that attaches above the driver and passenger ‌seats. Whether you have your soft ⁢top on or⁢ off, this top ⁢stays in place, giving you that open sky⁣ feeling without compromising on protection. The best part? It’s incredibly easy to install, taking just ‍a few minutes of your time. No⁣ need for any⁤ drilling or heavy tools!

You have options ⁣when it comes to the fabric of the Sun ⁤Bikini Top. Choose the mesh fabric for a light and airy feel,‌ allowing filtered‍ sunlight to come through. Or opt for‌ the solid black diamond fabric, which not only blocks out the sun but is also ​waterproof. Say⁢ goodbye to any worries about water penetrating⁢ the surface! The ⁤choice is yours.

With our Sun ​Bikini Top, you won’t need to ‍spend‍ extra ​on⁤ a ⁢windshield channel. It ⁣uses a​ simple hook-n-loop fastener and J-Hook system, which easily mounts to the factory sport bar system and ⁣interior windshield footman loops. We’ve even made‍ sure to ‍hem the edges for added ​durability. Plus, you can ⁣install it with​ or without factory⁢ door ‌surrounds, giving you the flexibility you need. Upgrade your Jeep experience with our Sun​ Bikini Top, and feel ​the difference. Check it out‍ on Amazon now!

Features ‌and Specifications

Sun Shade Review: Bestop 5240311 Mesh Bikini Top for Wrangler – Targa Style插图1
Our Sun Bikini Top is a game-changer ​when it comes​ to interior sun ⁣shades for your Wrangler. With its‌ no-drill attachment and easy roll-back storage, you can⁢ enjoy the open sky above you, whether your soft top ‍is ‌on​ or off the⁤ vehicle. Installing this top is a breeze, taking‍ only a couple of ⁤minutes. No more struggling with ⁤complicated installations!

What ​makes ⁣our​ Sun Bikini Top even more impressive is its versatility. It ⁤comes in two fabric options: mesh fabric that allows filtered sunlight to pass through, or solid black diamond ‍fabric that keeps water from penetrating its surface. You ⁤can⁣ choose between​ the standard Targa-style length ‌or the​ extended Safari​ length, which covers all the way back to ⁢the rear cargo area.​ The best part? Our Sun​ Bikini ⁣Top doesn’t require an extra-cost windshield channel to install. ⁢It uses a simple hook-n-loop fastener and ‌J-Hook system ​that effortlessly mounts to your factory sport bar system and interior ‌windshield footman loops. Hemmed edges ensure durability, and you can install it with or without the factory door surrounds.

Upgrade your Wrangler with our Sun Bikini​ Top today and experience ⁣the ultimate sun shade solution! Don’t miss⁢ out, click ​ here ‌ to ‍get yours now.

Detailed Insights and Recommendations

Sun Shade Review: Bestop 5240311 Mesh Bikini Top for Wrangler – Targa Style插图2

When it comes to sun protection for your Jeep Wrangler, the Bestop 5240311 ⁤Mesh Sun Bikini Top is a clear winner. This innovative product is designed to provide an interior sun shade that​ attaches above the driver and passenger seats, ⁤no matter if your soft​ top​ is on or off. We found the ⁤installation ⁣process to be incredibly easy, requiring no⁣ drilling or‌ additional tools. In just a couple of minutes, ⁤you can have this⁣ sun bikini top securely in place,​ ready to provide ‍you with the shade you need.

One of the ‌standout ‍features of⁤ this product is the choice of ⁤fabric. The mesh fabric option ‌allows for filtered sunlight to enter your vehicle, creating a ‌pleasant and comfortable ⁢atmosphere. If you​ prefer a more solid option, the sold black⁣ diamond fabric ‌is perfect,⁣ as ​it ​doesn’t let water penetrate ⁣its ⁢surface. Both ‍options offer⁤ excellent durability,⁤ with hemmed edges that⁣ ensure long-lasting use. Another great aspect of this sun bikini top is ⁢its versatility. ⁢It can be installed ‍with or without factory door surrounds, providing flexibility depending on your preferences.

To enhance the functionality of this top, ⁤it doesn’t require an extra-cost ‍windshield channel to‌ install. Instead, it uses a​ simple⁣ hook-n-loop fastener and J-Hook system that mounts to‍ the factory sport bar system and ‍interior windshield footman loops. This not only ⁤saves you money but also​ makes the installation process even ⁤easier. Plus, with ⁣its targa-style length, there’s sufficient coverage ⁢to protect‍ you​ from the sun’s harmful ​rays. However, ​if you‌ need even more⁤ coverage, the extended safari​ length option will ​cover all the way back to the rear cargo‍ area.

Overall, we highly⁤ recommend the Bestop 5240311 Mesh Sun‍ Bikini Top for anyone seeking reliable‍ and easy-to-install ⁣sun protection for their ​Jeep Wrangler. Its durable construction,​ versatile design, and choice ‍of​ fabric make it a top contender in the ⁢market. Don’t miss out on enjoying the open sky in‍ your ⁤Jeep while still staying cool and ⁤protected. Make ⁢sure⁣ to check out this fantastic product on Amazon and get yourself the ‍Bestop 5240311 ⁢Mesh Sun⁤ Bikini Top today!

Customer⁣ Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

We have gathered several customer‍ reviews for the Bestop 5240311 Mesh Sun Bikini ​Top for 1996-2007 ⁣Wrangler‌ – Targa Style. ⁤Let’s ⁢take⁤ a closer look at what customers had to say about this sun shade:

Review Rating
This was the perfect addition to my ’06 TJ – highly recommend Bestop products! 5 stars
Been using this for a few months over the summer – ​very pleased. Offers ‍plenty⁤ of shade but you can ⁣still see through it ⁣- so​ you don’t lose (much​ of) that open top feeling. Quality is‍ great and‌ it was‍ very ⁤easy to fit – just pay attention to how⁣ it loops onto the mid-windshield‍ bracket.I much prefer this to my​ old solid bikini shade which required⁤ bolting the header on/off. Not only does⁢ the​ mesh⁢ shade give a more open ‌feeling, it also does not need to be removed⁤ to put up the cover.⁤ I plan​ to leave ⁤it ‍fitted during the winter since⁢ it sits under the ⁤cover. 5 stars
Great ⁤product but it doesn’t fit my 2001 Jeep Wrangler correctly. We have it ⁤on the​ jeep and plan on⁤ keeping it ‌but are very disappointed​ in this ​top. We tried⁣ contacting the company several times‍ with‌ no response. We’ve looked for videos​ but all the videos out‌ there are for the newer ⁢Jeeps. Do yourself a favor and do what‌ I should have‍ done. Listen to the reviews who​ say it doesn’t⁤ fit. 2 stars
I got ‌this as an open​ box/lightly used item. It looks new,⁤ however. ⁢So the only things I​ could⁢ help‍ people with⁣ is: ​(I will include pics)‍ The front locks went on fine, they even came with ⁢mounting holes.. speaker straps went on⁣ fine, the​ middle⁤ door ​straps were just confusing.. They ‍can’t wrap around a full padded bar, at all.. They don’t⁢ lock and thread like the front straps ​do.. ⁣so I’m ​sitting here ⁢puzzled.. This top is advertised ​with the door seals ⁤installed, but how in the heck do you⁤ use the middle ⁤strap? MAKE a hole in the straps ⁤dead center ⁤and then use‌ a lighter to ⁢keep it ‌from threading out. CAN be used with the cargo netting, but⁣ wasn’t designed ‍to..‍ I ‍made it work. 4 ⁣stars
It was ‌easy to install and high quality. It is⁢ nice to‍ be able to ⁤leave it on and be ⁢able⁢ to put up the full soft‍ top without‍ having to take the⁣ bimini off ‌completely. I highly recommend for people that run⁣ with the⁣ top off frequently. 5 stars
Does not fit ‍a 98-04 like they‌ say. Loop hole is ​too ⁢small for⁣ it to⁢ go through,​ they need to actually try and put a product‍ on the ‌years they say before claiming it does. ‌Photos of my 2000. 2 stars
After ‌being happy with several other Bestop products‌ on my Gladiator, I was ‌excited to be getting ⁤a bikini top that would be easy to install and‌ could stay under the⁤ existing soft top of our 2001‍ Wrangler TJ.⁤ What I got was something that ⁣looked nice ​and easy but didn’t seem designed​ to fit the TJ. At first glance, the quality seemed ​fine, but there were straps that weren’t‍ long enough for their intended‌ purpose, ⁤snaps on straps ⁢that didn’t seem to have a‌ purpose whatsoever, and a center strap that⁤ couldn’t possibly work⁢ where ⁣it lined up. I’ll unfortunately be returning. 3 stars
Perfect fit 5 stars

Positive ⁤Reviews

The majority of customers were extremely satisfied with the‌ Bestop 5240311⁢ Mesh ‍Sun⁤ Bikini Top. One ⁣customer claimed it was the perfect addition to their ’06 TJ, highly recommending Bestop products. Another customer mentioned that ‌they have been using this sun shade for a few months ⁤over⁤ the summer​ and were‌ very‍ pleased. They appreciated how it offers plenty of shade while still maintaining‌ the open top feeling, and found the quality great and installation​ easy.

Negative​ Reviews

Some⁤ customers encountered issues with the fit of​ this sun shade. One customer mentioned that it doesn’t fit their⁤ 2001 Jeep Wrangler ⁣correctly and expressed disappointment​ in the product. This ⁣customer also mentioned that they tried contacting the company but did not ⁣receive a response. ‍Another customer stated that the sun shade does not fit a 98-04 ⁢Wrangler as claimed, and provided photos of their 2000 Wrangler⁢ to support their⁣ claim. Additionally, one customer who had positive experiences with other Bestop products mentioned that this sun shade did not seem ⁤designed to⁢ fit their 2001 Wrangler TJ ‌correctly, and ‍they⁢ encountered issues with straps and snaps.

Overall,‌ while ⁣the majority of customers were‍ satisfied with the ‌Bestop‌ 5240311 Mesh Sun Bikini Top, there were some issues with the fit ‌of the product ‍for⁣ certain Jeep models. It is ‌recommended to carefully consider compatibility before purchasing.

Pros & Cons

1. Easy⁣ installation: The Bestop 5240311 Mesh ‍Bikini Top can be installed in just a couple of ⁤minutes, making it ‌a convenient and hassle-free option.
2. Versatile usage: This sun shade can be ⁢used whether your ‌soft top ‌is ‌on or off the vehicle, providing flexibility for ⁢different weather conditions.
3. Interior shade: Unlike other sun shades that attach ⁢to the ‌exterior of the ⁢vehicle, this bikini top attaches above the driver ⁣and ⁤passenger⁣ seats, providing a more comfortable‌ and effective shade.
4. Filtered sunlight: The mesh fabric used in this ‍bikini top allows filtered sunlight to pass through, giving you a pleasant outdoor‍ experience without the harsh glare of the sun.
5. Durable construction: The hemmed edges‍ of⁤ the bikini top ensure its⁢ longevity and prevent fraying or‌ tearing. This means you can rely on this product​ for long-lasting sun protection.


  1. Limited coverage: While the bikini top⁤ provides shade⁣ to the interior of ​the vehicle, it only covers ⁣the area above the driver ⁢and passenger seats. If you’re looking for ⁣complete coverage, you may‌ need to consider a different​ sun shade option.
  2. Not fully waterproof:‌ While‍ the​ black diamond fabric‍ option is water-resistant, it is not​ completely waterproof. If you anticipate heavy rain or need complete protection⁢ from water, you may need to explore alternatives.
  3. Additional accessories ‍required: Although the bikini top does not⁤ require a windshield ​channel to install, it does require a factory sport bar ⁣system and interior windshield ⁢footman loops.‌ If​ your vehicle does not have⁢ these features, you may need to ‌purchase additional accessories for ​installation.

In⁢ the table below, we⁤ have summarized the pros and ⁢cons:

Pros Cons
Easy installation Limited coverage
Versatile usage Not fully waterproof
Interior shade Additional accessories required
Filtered sunlight
Durable construction


Q&A Section:

Q: ⁢Can the Bestop 5240311 Mesh Bikini ⁣Top be used with the soft top on?

A: Yes, absolutely! Our‌ Sun Bikini Top is designed to ‍stay ‌in ​place⁣ whether your soft top ​is on ‍or off the⁢ vehicle. ‍So, you can enjoy the shade and protection from the sun, even with the soft ⁣top on.

Q: Is it difficult to install?

A: ⁢Not ‍at all! The Sun Bikini Top ⁤is incredibly easy to⁤ install and can be done⁣ within just a⁢ couple of minutes. It uses‌ a no-drill attachment ⁢system, ‌and ​you don’t need ⁣any extra tools. Simply follow the provided instructions and⁢ you’ll have it set⁤ up in no time.

Q: Does it require any additional accessories ⁣for installation?

A: No,‌ it​ doesn’t! ​The Sun​ Bikini⁣ Top doesn’t need an‍ extra-cost windshield channel to install. It uses ⁣a simple hook-n-loop fastener and J-Hook system that mounts to the factory sport bar system and interior‌ windshield footman loops. ⁢So, you won’t have to spend any extra money​ on additional accessories.

Q: Can it‍ be‍ used without the factory⁣ door surrounds?

A: ‌Yes, it can! ⁣Our ⁤Sun Bikini⁢ Top is ​versatile and can be installed with or without factory door surrounds. So, it ‌offers flexibility and‍ convenience depending on⁣ your preferences.

Q: Is the ​mesh fabric durable?

A: ⁢Absolutely! ⁢The mesh fabric ​of our Sun Bikini Top is designed ⁢for both⁢ durability and‍ functionality.⁤ It⁣ features hemmed edges that enhance its strength and longevity, ensuring that you can‌ enjoy ‌its ​shade for a long ⁢time.

Q: What is the difference between ⁢the standard Targa-style length and ‍the extended Safari length?

A: The⁢ standard⁣ Targa-style length of our Sun Bikini Top⁤ covers the area above the driver and passenger seats. On the other⁢ hand, the extended Safari⁤ length extends further back to cover the entire rear cargo ‌area as well. So, the choice between the two lengths depends on ⁤how much coverage you ‌desire.

Q: Does ⁣the mesh fabric let in a lot of‍ sunlight?

A: The mesh fabric of​ our⁢ Sun Bikini Top is designed to ​let in filtered sunlight. It ​provides‌ a good balance between shade and visibility, allowing you ‌to ​enjoy a comfortable driving experience without⁣ feeling completely enclosed.

Embody Excellence

And there you have it, our comprehensive review of the Bestop 5240311 Mesh Bikini Top for‍ Wrangler ‍-‌ Targa‌ Style. We’ve covered‍ every detail, from⁣ its⁢ easy installation to its versatile design. Whether you’re seeking a ‍sun shade ⁣that lets in ​filtered sunlight or⁢ one that keeps water at bay, this product has you covered.

The no-drill attachment and roll-back storage make it a breeze to use, and the hemmed edges ensure its durability. Plus, you ⁢have the option⁢ to choose between the standard Targa-style length or the extended Safari‌ length for added coverage.

But what ​truly sets this⁤ sun ⁣bikini top apart is the fact⁢ that it doesn’t need an extra-cost windshield channel to ‌install. With its simple hook-n-loop‌ fastener and J-Hook system, it easily⁤ mounts‍ to the factory sport bar‌ system‍ and interior ⁢windshield ‌footman⁤ loops. You can even install it with⁢ or without factory door surrounds,‍ making ⁤it ​a versatile option for any‌ Wrangler owner.

So why wait? Experience the ultimate sun protection with the Bestop 5240311 Mesh Bikini Top for Wrangler -⁤ Targa Style. ⁣Click ⁢here​ to get yours today and elevate ⁢your ‍driving experience:

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