Revamp Your Washing Machine With Maytag Motor Replacement!

Welcome to our blog, where we share our‍ experience with the ⁤Upgraded W10913953 Washer Shift Actuator Compatible with ​Whirlpool Maytag Kenmore Washing Machine. If you’re like us, dealing with washer issues can be frustrating. That’s why we were thrilled to come across this high-quality replacement part that promises to fix common symptoms like pumps but not spinning, not agitating, and not starting or spinning ‍slowly.

We were impressed by the easy installation process and the durable material used in the construction of this actuator. Plus, the compatibility with various⁣ brands such as Whirlpool, Sears Kenmore, Maytag, and more makes ‍it a ‍versatile ‍solution for many⁢ households.

With a hassle-free 1-year warranty and excellent customer service, we felt⁤ confident in giving this product a try. Stay tuned for our detailed review of the ‌Upgraded W10913953 Washer Shift Actuator ⁢and how it performed​ in our washing machine.

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When it comes to fixing common washer⁢ issues like pumps not spinning, agitation problems, or slow spinning, the Upgraded W10913953 Washer Shift Actuator​ is a reliable solution that delivers effective performance. The synchronous motor operates at AC​ 120V, 60Hz, 2.8W, 30mA, 3RPM, CW, ‌ensuring a seamless fix for your washing machine. Installing this ⁣shift actuator is a ‌breeze, as it is easy to handle and comes at an excellent⁤ value. Simply ​disconnect the water and power, secure⁢ the lid, and position the washer⁣ on its front for access to the bottom.

This premium-quality⁢ shift actuator is crafted from durable, ⁣high-quality materials with precise dimensions⁢ that ‌undergo rigorous testing for long-lasting ⁤performance. ‌With a high compatibility⁣ range that includes Whirlpool, Sears Kenmore, Maytag, Crosley, Amana, Admiral, Inglis, and others, this part replaces multiple models‍ such as W10597177, WPW10597177, AP6037270, PS11769864, W10815026, W10913953VP. Plus, Popbee Parts offers a hassle-free 1-year warranty for your peace of mind. Contact us with any questions through Amazon, as we are available⁣ 24/7 to provide ​prompt assistance.

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Product Features

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The W10913953 Washer Shift Actuator is a game-changer in the world⁣ of washing machines. Designed to fix common ‍issues such as pumps not⁤ spinning, agitation problems,​ and slow spinning, this actuator⁤ is a must-have for anyone looking to restore​ their washer’s performance. With⁣ a synchronous motor and high ​compatibility with​ popular ⁤brands‍ like Whirlpool, Maytag, and Kenmore, this premium quality part is ⁤a cost-effective solution to your laundry woes.

Installing the W10913953 Washer Shift ‍Actuator is a breeze, thanks to its easy-to-follow instructions. Simply disconnect the water ⁢and power, secure the lid, and place the washer on its front to access the bottom. Made of durable material and rigorously⁢ tested for long-lasting performance, this actuator comes with a‌ hassle-free 1-year warranty for added peace of mind. Say goodbye to washer woes and hello to efficient laundry days ⁢with the W10913953 Washer Shift Actuator. Don’t ‍miss out, get yours today on Amazon!

Detailed Insights and Recommendations

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The W10913953 Washer Shift Actuator has been a game-changer for us. It fixed multiple symptoms that were plaguing our washing machine, including the frustrating issues of pumping‌ but not spinning, not agitating, and slow spinning.⁣ The easy installation process ⁣was a huge bonus for us, as we were able to replace the part quickly ⁤and get our washer back up and running in no time. The⁣ premium quality of this part is ⁣evident, and we can‍ already tell that it​ will provide long-lasting‌ and reliable performance for our machine.

We‍ were also impressed by the high compatibility of this shift actuator, as it works ‍with a variety of brands such as Whirlpool, Sears Kenmore, Maytag, and more. Knowing that it replaces multiple part numbers gives us peace of mind that we made the right choice in purchasing this​ product. The‌ hassle-free 1-year warranty from ⁢Popbee parts ⁣is also a great added benefit, ⁢ensuring that we have⁤ support if any issues arise. ⁢Overall, ‍we highly recommend the W10913953 Washer Shift Actuator to anyone looking​ for an effective,‍ easy-to-install solution⁤ for ⁢their washing machine problems. If you’re in need of a reliable fix for your washer, check it out on Amazon through this link: Get‌ it here!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer‌ Reviews Analysis

After analyzing various ⁢customer reviews, we have gathered valuable insights about‍ the Upgraded ​W10913953 Washer Shift Actuator. Let’s ​take a look ​at some of the key points mentioned ⁣by the users:

Review Summary
1 Washer is like new now. ⁤Very​ easy‍ to install.
2 This worked for my Maytag washer. The⁤ drum wasn’t spinning anymore ⁢and this took⁤ about 5-10 minutes to install.
3 Not sure about the upgraded version. ​Label ​on the one I received doesn’t ⁤match the one shown. The ⁣one advertised. Says it’s ‌the upgraded version. Same as⁣ the one I’m replacing. But nevertheless, it worked.
4 Installed⁣ day of receiving, washing machine would not agitate after install. Took washer back apart and discovered this part broken. Luckily, I had kept the original with a bad ​motor and was able ⁣to disassemble and get the arm/switch.
5 Great ⁢replacement for ​Maytag Commercial Duty. A ‍fairly new‌ machine​ from Lowes but the actuator⁤ did go out and this was an exact fit ​and appears to be an upgrade higher amp motor than the OEM part. Shipping was fast and hassle-free! ‍Can’t go wrong ‌with this seller‍ if you need‍ the part.
6 I bought this unit and within the month they had to send me another because the first one 3 months later ⁤and the replacement failed..I bought ‍a different ‌brand ‌this time..Will see how it​ goes.

From these reviews, we can see that the majority of users found the shift actuator to be a suitable replacement​ for their washing machines. The easy installation ‍process and compatibility with various brands such‍ as Maytag, Whirlpool, and Kenmore were highlighted by many customers.

However, there were a‌ few instances where users experienced issues​ such as receiving a different labeled product or parts breaking after ‍installation. ⁣It’s essential to ensure that‌ the product received matches the description and ⁢to handle the installation process carefully to ⁤avoid any damage.

Overall, the Upgraded W10913953 Washer Shift ⁣Actuator seems to⁢ be a reliable ⁤replacement part for washing machines,‌ providing a cost-effective solution to extend ⁣the lifespan of⁣ your⁤ appliance.

Pros & Cons

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  • Easy to install, even for beginners
  • High compatibility with various brands such as Whirlpool, Maytag, Kenmore, and more
  • Made of durable high-quality material for long-lasting ‍performance
  • Comes with a ⁢hassle-free 1 year warranty for peace of mind
  • Fixes ⁢common washer symptoms like not spinning, agitating,‌ or starting


May not ​resolve all washer issues
Access ‌to the bottom of the washer required for installation
Not compatible with all washer models


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Q: Is this Maytag motor replacement compatible with ‌my washing machine brand?

A: Yes, the ‌W10913953 ⁤Washer Shift Actuator is compatible with a wide range of washing machine brands including Whirlpool, Sears Kenmore, Maytag, Crosley, Amana, Admiral, Inglis, and others.

Q: How difficult is it to install this motor replacement?

A: The ​W10913953 Washer Shift⁢ Actuator is easy ⁤to ‍install, but it does require disconnecting the water ‌and power from‌ your ⁤machine, securing the lid,⁤ and placing‍ the washer on⁤ its front to access the bottom. If you’re unsure about the installation process, we recommend seeking professional help.

Q: ⁤Does this product come with a‌ warranty?

A: Yes, Popbee parts come with a hassle-free 1 year warranty. If‌ you encounter any issues or have any ⁢questions, feel free ‍to contact us or ask questions through Amazon. We are available ‍to respond to your inquiries online 24 ​hours a day.

Q: What symptoms will this ⁣Maytag ⁢motor replacement fix ‌in my washing machine?

A: The W10913953 Washer Shift Actuator⁤ effectively fixes common symptoms like pumps ⁣running but not spinning, the machine not agitating, and‌ slow or non-starting spins. With a synchronous motor, AC 120V, 60Hz, 2.8W, 30mA, and 3RPM in ⁣a clockwise rotation, this replacement part ensures a fully fixed and efficient performance for your ​washer.⁣

Embrace a New Era

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Revamp Your Washing⁢ Machine ‌With Maytag Motor Replacement! As we wrap up⁣ our review of the Upgraded W10913953 Washer Shift Actuator, ⁤we hope you found our insights helpful in making ‍an informed decision for your appliance.

With its easy installation, premium quality,‌ high compatibility, and excellent value, this replacement part ⁤is sure to breathe new life into your washer, fixing ⁣a range of common issues. Plus, with a hassle-free​ 1 year warranty and our dedicated customer service, you can trust in the reliability of Popbee parts.

Don’t let a malfunctioning washing machine slow you down any longer. Upgrade to the Upgraded W10913953 Washer ‌Shift ‍Actuator‍ today and get ‌your laundry routine back on track!

Ready to take the next step? Click here to purchase your very ​own‍ Upgraded W10913953 Washer Shift Actuator on‌ Amazon: Purchase Now!

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