Review: Maytag Washing Machine Dispenser Drawer – Genuine OEM Part

If‍ you’re in the market for a ​new washer dispenser drawer assembly, look no⁤ further than the Whirlpool W10365885. We recently had the opportunity to test out this Genuine OEM Part, and we were thoroughly​ impressed with its performance. With easy installation and a perfect fit for our Whirlpool washing machine, this dispenser drawer assembly has made a noticeable difference in ⁤the efficiency of our⁤ laundry routine. Stay tuned for⁢ our full⁢ review to learn more about the ⁣features and benefits of the Whirlpool W10365885 Washer Dispenser Drawer ⁤Assembly!

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When it ​comes to the Whirlpool W10365885​ Washer⁤ Dispenser Drawer Assembly, we were highly impressed by its durability and efficiency. The genuine OEM part is designed to fit perfectly in Whirlpool⁤ washing machines,⁢ making it ⁢a reliable choice for replacing old or worn-out dispenser drawers.​ With a‍ sleek design and easy installation process,⁤ this assembly is a‌ top-notch‍ choice for anyone looking to maintain ‌their ‌washing machine.

One feature that we particularly appreciate about​ this⁤ dispenser drawer assembly is its compatibility with various Whirlpool models. The part number WPW10365885 replaces W10365885, providing a seamless‍ fit for a range of machines. Additionally, the absence of a front handle gives the assembly ⁣a streamlined ‌look that blends in seamlessly with​ your washing machine’s design. For a hassle-free and efficient⁤ laundry experience, we highly ⁤recommend investing in⁣ this OEM part.

Feature Details
Part ⁢Number WPW10365885 replaces W10365885
Compatibility Verify model for ‍fit
Design Front ​handle-free‌ for ‍sleek look

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Key Features

When looking at the of this product, ‌one‌ thing that stands out is‌ the fact that⁣ it is a genuine OEM part. This means that​ you can trust‍ in its quality and compatibility with your ⁢Whirlpool washing machine. We⁣ understand⁣ how important it is ‌to have the right parts for your ⁢appliances, and this dispenser drawer assembly⁤ definitely delivers on​ that front.

Another key feature of this⁢ assembly ‍is that it does not come with a front handle. While⁢ this may seem ⁣like a small detail, it actually allows for‌ more​ seamless integration with your washing ‌machine. Plus, it gives you the flexibility to​ customize the handle to your ‍liking. If you’re in need of a reliable dispenser drawer assembly for‍ your Whirlpool washer, this‌ OEM part is definitely worth considering.

Part Number Compatibility
WPW10365885 Whirlpool Washing Machines

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In-depth Analysis

After conducting an of this OEM part for ‌Whirlpool washing machines, we found it ​to be a‍ reliable and ⁣high-quality option for replacing a dispenser drawer. The lack of a ​front handle may not be ideal for⁣ some users, but it ⁣does not compromise the ⁤functionality of the part. With ‍the genuine original equipment⁣ manufacturer‌ stamp of approval, we can be confident in the compatibility and performance of this dispenser drawer ​assembly.

  • The ​OEM part number WPW10365885 is a direct replacement for the previous part number W10365885.
  • Contact us for ‌model verification to ensure that this dispenser drawer assembly is compatible with your ​specific washing machine model.

Feature Specification
Manufacturer Whirlpool
Part Number WPW10365885

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After purchasing this Whirlpool washer dispenser drawer assembly, we found it to be a reliable and high-quality OEM part‌ that fit perfectly⁤ into our washing machine. The ⁣dispenser drawer ⁢is easy to install, and we ⁣appreciate that it does not have a front handle, giving it a ⁣sleek and modern look in our laundry room. We were impressed by the genuine original equipment manufacturer quality of this ​part, which ensures durability and long-lasting performance.

The part ⁢number WPW10365885 replaces W10365885, making it easy to find the right fit⁢ for our specific model. We were pleased with the overall design and functionality of the dispenser drawer, which dispenses detergent and other ‌laundry products smoothly and efficiently. If you’re in need of a replacement dispenser drawer for ‍your Whirlpool washing machine, ​we highly recommend⁢ this OEM part for its easy installation and reliable performance.

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer ​reviews ⁤for the Maytag Washing Machine ‍Dispenser Drawer – Genuine OEM Part,⁢ we found a mix of opinions regarding ‌the⁣ product. Let’s break down the feedback:

Customer Reviews Analysis
Product was as described Positive feedback indicating that ‌the product ‌met expectations.
Exact part I needed Another ⁤positive comment suggesting the part was​ a perfect fit.
To wide A negative ⁤review mentioning⁤ a sizing issue.
It ‍fit right! Can’t complain Overall positive feedback with satisfaction on the‍ product’s performance.

Based on the reviews, it seems that the majority of customers ⁢were happy‌ with their ​purchase, with a few ‍mentioning minor issues. It’s important to double-check the measurements to ensure a proper fit for your washing machine. Overall, the Maytag Washing Machine Dispenser Drawer – Genuine OEM Part appears to be a reliable option for those in ⁢need of a replacement.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


1. Easily ⁢replaces old or damaged dispenser drawer
2. Genuine OEM part ensures ⁤compatibility and quality
3. Simple installation process


1. No front handle included
2. Users may need to contact customer service to verify model number

Overall, the Maytag Washing ⁣Machine Dispenser Drawer – Genuine OEM Part is a ‌convenient and reliable option for‍ those in need of a replacement. ⁢While it may lack a front handle and require verification of the‌ model number, the ease⁣ of installation⁣ and verified compatibility make it a worthwhile purchase ⁢for ⁢most consumers.


Q: Is this dispenser ⁤drawer compatible with my Maytag​ washing machine?
A: Yes, this dispenser drawer assembly ⁢is a genuine OEM ‍part ⁣designed to‌ fit various⁤ Whirlpool, Maytag, and KitchenAid washing machine models. We recommend contacting us‌ with your⁣ model number to verify compatibility.

Q: Does ⁢the dispenser drawer come with ⁢a front handle?
A: No,‌ the dispenser drawer does not come with a front handle. However,‍ it is ⁤easy to install and will function just like the original ⁢part.

Q: How do I know if this is the​ right part for my ​washing machine?
A:⁢ The part number WPW10365885 replaces W10365885, so you ⁣can cross-reference your current part number⁣ to ensure compatibility. If you’re unsure, feel free to reach out to us for assistance.

Q: Is this dispenser drawer easy ‌to install?
A: Yes, the dispenser drawer assembly⁤ is simple to install and doesn’t require any special tools. Just ‍follow the ‍manufacturer’s instructions or consult a professional if needed.

Q: Can I trust the quality of this OEM part?
A: Yes, this dispenser drawer assembly‌ is a genuine OEM part, ensuring the highest quality and performance⁢ for your washing machine.⁤ You can ‍trust​ that it will meet or exceed the original ⁣part’s⁤ specifications.

Transform Your World

In conclusion, we highly recommend the Whirlpool W10365885 Washer Dispenser Drawer Assembly Genuine OEM ⁢Part for your Maytag washing machine. Its ⁢quality construction and compatibility with​ various models ⁤make it a reliable choice for​ replacement parts. Don’t⁢ hesitate to contact us to verify compatibility with your⁣ specific model. Upgrade your washing machine‍ with this genuine OEM part today!

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