Revolutionize Your Laundry: Quadtro Push Connect Outlet Box!

Welcome, dear readers, to our exploration of ⁣the Oatey 38569 Quadtro Washing Machine Outlet ⁤Box. Today, ‌we delve into the realm of plumbing prowess, where simplicity meets versatility in a dance of‌ seamless functionality.

Imagine a world where plumbing installations are⁢ no longer a headache-inducing puzzle of ⁢soldering, crimping, or solvent welding. The Quadtro Push Connect system ushers us into this utopia, where joining copper, CVPC, or PEX pipe ⁢is as easy as a gentle push and a ⁤satisfying click. We’ve had the pleasure of experiencing firsthand ​how this system effortlessly locks the pipes in ⁣place, ensuring a perfect seal ⁤without the fuss.

But wait,​ there’s more! The Quadtro ‌doesn’t just stop at ease of installation; ⁣it also boasts a range of configurations to suit your‌ needs. Whether you prefer a right, left,⁢ or center ⁤drain, or opt for bottom or top mount valves, this⁤ box has you covered.​ Its high impact polystyrene construction, coupled with four mounting brackets, ensures ‍durability​ that withstands even the roughest job site ‍abuse.

One of the standout⁤ features ⁣we’ve come to appreciate is the tool-free 1/4-turn⁤ knockout, making disassembly a breeze when needed. The snap-on⁢ faceplate ⁣frame, accommodating up to 1 inch of drywall, adds ⁣a touch ‌of convenience to the‍ installation process.

Furthermore, the Quadtro ⁣is designed with ‍adaptability in mind, connecting seamlessly to copper supply lines with sweat connections.⁢ Its four openings cater to various needs, accommodating hot and cold water PEX-compatible⁣ valves, PVC or ABS Sch. 40 drain pipes, and​ offering the option for top-down supply line installation.

In conclusion, ⁣the Oatey ‍38569 Quadtro Washing Machine Outlet Box ⁣is⁣ a testament to innovation in plumbing solutions. Its ⁢blend⁤ of user-friendly design, durability, and adaptability ​makes it a standout ⁤choice for both residential and ‍commercial applications.⁢ Join us as we dive deeper into the intricacies⁢ of this remarkable ⁤product, uncovering the​ features⁤ that ⁢make it a game-changer ⁣in the world of plumbing.

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Our ⁢experience with ⁢the Quadtro Push Connect washing machine ⁤outlet⁤ box has been nothing short of impressive. Designed for​ ultimate installation flexibility,⁢ this ⁢innovative system⁢ simplifies the joining process for copper, CVPC, ⁢or PEX pipes. With the Push ⁤Connect system, there’s no need for soldering, crimping, or solvent welding –⁣ just insert the pipe into the valve, and it ‍instantly locks to‌ create a⁢ perfect seal.‍ The disconnect tool⁤ ensures‍ easy disassembly, allowing for re-use of valves as​ needed. Whether you need a​ right, left, or center ‌drain and bottom or top mount valves, the Quadtro Push⁣ Connect box⁢ delivers,⁢ providing maximum ​durability and performance for residential applications.

Constructed ⁣of high impact polystyrene and supplied with four mounting brackets, ⁤the Quadtro box stands up to the ‌roughest job site abuse. Its 2-inch drain⁢ opening fits PVC or ABS Sch. 40 DWV pipe effortlessly.‍ We particularly appreciate the easy-to-remove, tool-free 1/4-turn knockout and snap-on faceplate⁢ frame⁣ that ‍accommodates ‍up to ⁣1 inch of drywall. With sweat connection for copper supply⁤ lines and four support ⁤brackets ⁢for easy top or bottom valve mounting, this box​ offers convenience and reliability. Plus, its ‍four openings ‌accommodate various valve configurations, ensuring compatibility with different setups. For those seeking a versatile, durable, and user-friendly⁣ washing machine outlet ⁢box, the Quadtro Push Connect is undoubtedly ⁣a‌ top contender.

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Key⁣ Features and Highlights

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When it comes to ⁣flexibility and ease of installation, this washing ​machine ⁤outlet box​ truly stands out. ​With its innovative Push Connect system, joining copper, CVPC, or PEX pipes becomes a breeze⁢ – no​ soldering, crimping, or solvent welding required! Simply insert the pipe into the valve, ‌and it instantly locks ‌to create a perfect​ seal.‌ The disconnect tool included makes disassembly just as easy, allowing for re-use ⁣of the valves without hassle.

  • Right, left, or center ​drain options
  • Bottom or top mount valves
  • 2-inch drain opening fits PVC or ‌ABS Sch. 40 DWV pipe
  • Easy-to-remove, tool-free 1/4-turn knockout

Constructed of high impact⁣ polystyrene and supplied with⁣ four mounting brackets, this box ensures maximum durability and ​performance for residential applications.‍ Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or⁤ a professional ⁤installer, you’ll appreciate its rugged design that can withstand the roughest ⁢job site abuse. Plus, ⁢with ‌its snap-on faceplate frame accommodating up​ to 1-inch drywall, installation is as straightforward as it gets. With sweat connections for⁣ copper supply ‍lines and support⁤ brackets for easy top or bottom valve mounting, this ⁢box has everything​ you ⁢need for a⁤ seamless installation process.

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In-depth Analysis and Insights

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Delving into the features of‍ this innovative ⁢washing machine outlet ‍box⁢ provides us with a comprehensive understanding of its‌ capabilities. The Quadtro Push Connect system revolutionizes installation by offering unparalleled ⁣flexibility. Whether it’s copper, CVPC, or PEX pipe, the push connect mechanism ensures‌ a secure seal ⁤without the hassle of soldering or ‍crimping. This not only saves time but also eliminates the risk of leaks, ⁤guaranteeing peace of mind.

  • Allows for‌ right, left, or ⁣center drain options
  • Can be mounted at the ‍bottom or top
  • High⁤ impact polystyrene construction for durability
  • Easy-to-remove 1/4-turn knockout for hassle-free adjustments

Feature Benefit
Push Connect System Quick and secure pipe ‍installation without soldering or crimping
Multiple ‌Drain Options Enhanced installation flexibility to suit various setups
Durable‍ Construction Ensures⁣ longevity ‌and performance even ⁣in rugged conditions
Easy-to-remove Knockout Simplified adjustments without the need​ for tools

This outlet ‍box is not only built to‌ withstand​ the rigors of residential use but also provides the adaptability required for commercial applications. Its compatibility with different ‌pipe materials and drain configurations makes it a versatile choice for various plumbing setups. With the inclusion⁢ of ‌mounting⁤ brackets and⁢ the option for top-down installation, the Quadtro outlet box offers convenience and efficiency at every step. For those seeking a hassle-free solution with uncompromising quality, this ​product‍ is undoubtedly ‍a game-changer.

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After ⁣exploring‍ the features and capabilities of the‌ washing machine outlet box, we’re convinced ‍of ⁤its ⁢remarkable flexibility and ease of installation. The Push Connect system is undoubtedly a game-changer, eliminating the need for soldering, crimping, or solvent welding. This not only saves time⁢ but also ensures​ a perfect seal without any hassle. The ability⁤ to easily disassemble the pipe with the disconnect tool adds to its‌ convenience, allowing for effortless maintenance⁤ or reconfiguration.

Moreover, the Quadtro washing machine outlet box offers versatile configuration ​options, catering to various drain ⁣and mounting preferences. Its durable construction using high impact polystyrene and inclusion of four mounting ‍brackets guarantee reliability and longevity,​ even ⁤in demanding ​residential applications. With ⁣features like the tool-free knockout and snap-on faceplate frame, installation becomes a breeze, ​making it an ideal choice⁤ for‍ both DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. ⁤If you’re seeking a reliable,⁢ flexible, and easy-to-install solution for your washing machine⁣ setup, this outlet ‌box certainly deserves consideration.

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Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews ‍Analysis

After delving into the feedback from our valued customers, we’re excited to share our analysis of the⁣ Oatey 38569 Quadtro Washing ⁤Machine Outlet Box. Let’s⁢ dive in:

Key Points Customer Feedback
Customizable Configuration “Since you can put the valves ⁤and drain pipe in⁤ any of​ the‌ 3 positions this box‍ works great for replacing an existing‍ valve box.”
Smooth Operation “The quarter turn valves are very smooth⁣ and the water ‌hammer arrestors make for a quiet operation of⁢ the⁤ washing machine.”
Easy Installation “Perfect fit‌ and ‍good value for the money.”
Adaptable‌ Design “I also like you can move the location of each valve ​and/or the ⁣drain⁤ pipe to ‍any spot.”
Durable Build “It’s a ⁣solid product.”
Minor⁢ Issues “Box ⁢is‌ a⁢ little cheap but the taps aren’t. ⁢No ⁤more⁤ banging when washer goes on.”

Overall, customers are thrilled with the flexibility and functionality of ⁢the ⁣Quadtro Washing Machine Outlet Box. From its customizable ⁤configuration to⁣ its​ smooth ⁢operation, it’s clear that this product is revolutionizing laundry rooms everywhere.


Pros & Cons

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Pros ‍&⁤ Cons


1. Easy Installation The​ Push Connect system simplifies pipe⁣ joining,⁤ eliminating the need for soldering​ or crimping.
2.‍ Versatile Drain Options Allows for right, left,‌ or ⁢center ‍drain configurations, offering flexibility in installation.
3. Durable Construction Made of high‍ impact polystyrene,​ ensuring​ durability and longevity, even ⁣in rough⁤ job site conditions.
4. Reusable Valves The disconnect‍ tool facilitates easy disassembly of pipes, enabling re-use⁤ of valves.
5. ⁤Secure Seal The⁤ Push Connect ‍system ⁢instantly locks ⁢pipes​ to ⁢create a⁢ perfect seal, ensuring leak-free operation.


1.⁤ Limited ⁣Compatibility May⁣ not be compatible with all types of pipes,‍ limiting its use in certain installations.
2. Requires⁣ Space The Quadtro⁣ box​ may require additional space for installation, especially ‌in tight laundry areas.
3. Professional⁣ Installation Recommended While ‌designed for DIY installation, professional assistance may be required ‍for complex setups.



**Q&A Section:**

Q: Can the‌ Quadtro Push Connect Outlet Box⁤ accommodate different​ types of pipes?

A: Absolutely! One of ⁢the highlights of⁣ the Quadtro Push Connect Outlet Box is its‍ versatility in pipe‍ compatibility. Whether you’re using‌ copper, CVPC, or PEX pipe, the Push Connect system makes installation⁤ a ⁤breeze ⁤without the need for soldering, crimping, or solvent welding.

Q: How secure is the seal created by the Push Connect system?

A: The seal⁤ created by the Push Connect ⁢system is ‍rock-solid. Once you insert the pipe into the valve, it instantly locks, ensuring a perfect seal‌ every time. Plus, the disconnect tool allows ‌for easy disassembly, making it convenient to re-use the ⁣valves whenever necessary.

Q: Is installation difficult for the⁢ Quadtro Push Connect Outlet Box?

A: Not‍ at all!​ Installation is straightforward and hassle-free. With the⁣ option for right, left, or center drain‍ and bottom or top mount valves, you⁣ have the flexibility to set ​it up according to your specific needs. Plus,‍ the box is supplied with four mounting ⁣brackets for⁢ added convenience.

Q: Is the Quadtro Push Connect Outlet Box durable?

A: Absolutely! ⁢Constructed from⁤ high-impact polystyrene, ​the ⁣Quadtro box is built to withstand the roughest job site abuse. You can trust it to deliver maximum durability and performance for both residential and commercial applications.

Q: Can‍ I easily customize‍ the Quadtro Push Connect Outlet Box to fit my‌ space?

A: Yes, you can!‍ The box features an easy-to-remove, tool-free 1/4-turn knockout, allowing you to customize it effortlessly. Additionally, the snap-on faceplate frame accommodates up to 1-inch drywall, ensuring a seamless ‌fit in any environment.

Q: What types of valves and pipes does the Quadtro Push Connect Outlet Box accommodate?

A: The Quadtro box is designed to accommodate a variety​ of ‍valves and pipes. It features four openings that can accommodate a hot water PEX-compatible valve, a ‌cold water‍ PEX-compatible valve, PVC⁢ or ABS Sch. 40 drain pipe for connection⁣ to your DWV system, and the option ⁢for ‌top-down supply line installation. This versatility makes it suitable‍ for a wide range of‌ applications.

Achieve New⁢ Heights

As we wrap up our exploration of the Oatey 38569 Quadtro Washing Machine ⁣Outlet Box, ‌we can’t⁣ help but ​feel invigorated by the sheer ingenuity ​of this product. It’s⁤ not often that something⁤ as seemingly mundane as ‌a washing machine​ outlet box can inspire such enthusiasm, but the Quadtro Push Connect system truly revolutionizes the laundry installation game.

With its effortless Push Connect technology, installation‌ becomes a breeze. No more ​fumbling with​ soldering or crimping ⁤– just a simple insertion, and you’re good to go.‍ The flexibility to accommodate ‌different pipe types and mounting configurations ensures that‌ this⁢ box will adapt to your needs, no matter the setup.

And let’s not forget about ​durability. Constructed from ‌high-impact polystyrene and equipped⁢ with four mounting brackets, the Quadtro is built to withstand the toughest conditions,⁣ ensuring‌ that it will be a reliable companion for years to come.

So ‍if you’re ready to streamline your laundry room setup and say goodbye​ to the⁣ headaches‌ of traditional ​installation⁣ methods, look ⁤no⁤ further than the Oatey 38569 Quadtro Washing Machine Outlet​ Box. Trust⁣ us, ​you ‍won’t be disappointed.

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