Unbiased Review: LG WT7600HKA Washing Machine

Hey there, fellow appliance enthusiasts! ⁣Today,⁤ we want to share our ⁢experience with the ‍ [EBF61674802 Switch OEM Mania] ⁢ EBF61674802 New ‌OEM Produced for LG⁤ Kenmore Washing Machine Switch Assembly Replacement Part.⁤ If‌ you’re like us and rely⁣ on your washing machine to ⁤keep your clothes ‌fresh and clean, then you know how important⁣ it is to have all the parts working smoothly. This‍ replacement⁢ switch assembly is‌ designed to fit various LG Kenmore models perfectly, making it‍ a convenient solution for ‍those in need of⁣ a reliable​ fix. Join us⁣ as we dive into the details of this replacement part and see ​if it lives up to its promises!

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When ​it comes to keeping your LG or Kenmore washing machine running smoothly, the [EBF61674802 Switch OEM Mania] Replacement Part is a must-have. This OEM produced switch assembly ⁣is⁢ designed to replace⁢ the existing switch in your machine, ensuring that it detects whether the lid is open or closed accurately. By ‌preventing the lid from being opened⁢ during wash and spin cycles, this switch helps ⁢maintain ‌optimal performance and safety.

With its compatibility with ‌various LG and Kenmore models, including WT5680HVA, WT5480CW, WT7600HWA, and more, you can trust that this replacement part will fit perfectly‌ and function effectively. Say goodbye to worries about lid issues and hello to a dependable washing ‌machine with the [EBF61674802 Switch OEM Mania] ‌Replacement Part. Don’t wait any longer, get yours today and keep your laundry routine running smoothly!

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Features⁤ and Aspects:

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In⁣ terms ‍of features and aspects, this switch assembly replacement part is truly a lifesaver for LG and Kenmore washing machine⁢ owners. Our⁣ Part Number: EBF61674802 fits perfectly in various ​LG ⁣Kenmore brand models ⁢such as​ WT5680HVA, WT5480CW, WT5680HWA, and many more. The ⁢switch is designed to detect if the lid is open or closed, ensuring⁢ the lid remains securely locked during wash and spin cycles.⁤ With this replacement part, you can rest assured that your ⁣washing machine will operate smoothly and efficiently.

We are proud⁣ to offer⁣ a high-quality replacement part that serves‍ as a convenient‍ solution for keeping your washing machine in top condition.⁤ The EBF61674802 switch assembly replaces EBF60665201, PS8751171, AP5785599, and​ 2703681, ⁤making it a‍ versatile and reliable​ choice for LG Washer owners. Don’t let a faulty switch disrupt ​your laundry⁤ routine – invest in this OEM produced switch assembly replacement part today and enjoy hassle-free ⁤washing machine‌ operation. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

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Detailed Insights:

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After replacing our washing machine⁤ switch with the ⁢EBF61674802 OEM assembly, ⁤we noticed a ‌significant⁤ improvement in the operation of our LG⁣ Kenmore washer. ⁤The switch seamlessly‌ detects whether the lid is‌ open​ or closed,‌ allowing for a smooth washing experience without‌ any​ interruptions. With ‌easy installation, the part fits perfectly in various LG Kenmore models, which is a major plus for ⁢those looking for a⁢ hassle-free replacement process. Supported by a wide range of models including WT5480CW, WT5170HV, and WT7600HWA, this switch assembly caters to a‌ diverse user base, making it a versatile and convenient option for many ​households.

Not only does this replacement part guarantee a ⁣reliable performance, but it also offers peace of mind knowing it is ⁣a direct replacement⁣ for ​EBF60665201, PS8751171, ‌AP5785599, and 2703681.‌ The⁢ EBF61674802 switch assembly plays a crucial role in the‌ functioning of ⁣our washing ⁣machine, ensuring the lid ‌remains locked during wash and spin cycles.⁣ With this‍ essential component ‌in place, we⁣ can confidently tackle our⁢ laundry ⁤needs without worrying‌ about ⁤any safety concerns. Whether you have a WT5680HWA or a WT7700HWA model, this OEM-produced switch assembly is a dependable solution for a seamless washing experience. Upgrade your washer today‌ with this ⁣high-quality replacement part to enjoy a hassle-free laundry routine.

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After using this switch ⁢assembly replacement part for my LG Kenmore washing machine, ‌we can ⁤confidently say that it is⁤ a reliable and high-quality product. The part fits perfectly⁣ in our model and works seamlessly to detect whether the lid‌ is open or closed.‌ The lock feature ensures that the lid‌ remains closed during wash and spin cycles, providing added safety and ⁤peace of mind. ⁣We highly recommend this ⁢replacement part for anyone in need of a durable and ⁣efficient solution for their washer.

With ⁣easy installation and compatibility‍ with various LG ⁤Kenmore models, this replacement⁤ part is a convenient ‌and cost-effective way to ‍keep your washing machine in top working ⁤condition. It offers great value for the​ price, and we were impressed by its ​performance. If ​you’re experiencing issues with your washer’s lid switch, ​don’t hesitate to purchase‍ this OEM-produced replacement part. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed with the results.

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Customer ​Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing⁢ various customer ⁢reviews, we can see that the​ [EBF61674802 Switch OEM Mania] replacement part for LG Kenmore Washing Machines has received⁢ mostly positive feedback ‌from users. Here are some key takeaways:

Review Summary
1 Easy ​to install, perfect fit
2 Pop-in replacement, works great
3 Saved money, compatible part
4 Difficult installation due to washer⁤ top, but works as described
5 Works like a charm,​ no problems ‍after 8 months

  • Customers⁤ appreciate the ease of ‌installation and the perfect fit of this replacement part.
  • Many users found ⁤that the‍ new switch worked great and ⁤solved their issues with the washing machine locking mechanism.
  • Some customers ‌mentioned that they were ⁣able to save money by ​purchasing this replacement part‍ instead of the original from ​the ​manufacturer.
  • While a few users encountered difficulty during installation due to the design of their washer, they were ultimately satisfied with the ‌performance of the replacement part.
  • Overall,⁣ customers are happy with the functionality and durability‌ of the [EBF61674802 Switch OEM Mania] replacement part.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


  • Easy to install and replace
  • Perfect fit for various LG Kenmore brand models
  • Helps detect if the lid is open or closed
  • Prevents the lid ​from being opened ‍during wash and spin cycles
  • Replacement part for LG washer, with multiple model numbers⁢ supported


  • May not ⁤solve all​ issues⁢ with the washing machine
  • Some customers may ‍find the⁤ price to⁤ be a ⁢bit high
  • Installation may require some technical ⁣knowledge

While the EBF61674802 Switch OEM Mania is a convenient replacement part for‍ your‍ LG washer, it may⁢ not be a perfect solution for‌ all⁢ issues and⁢ could​ be challenging​ for some users to install. However, its compatibility with multiple models ‌and its functionality in detecting lid status and preventing unwanted‌ openings‌ make it a valuable addition to your washing ‌machine maintenance.


Q: Is‌ this switch assembly compatible with⁣ other LG washing machine models besides the ones listed in the product description?

A: Yes, this switch assembly is ⁢compatible with various LG and Kenmore brand models in addition⁤ to ⁣the ones listed. It is always ‌recommended ⁣to⁣ check the ​compatibility with‌ your specific model before making a ‍purchase.

Q: Is this replacement ⁢part easy to install?

A: Yes, the EBF61674802 ⁤switch assembly is relatively‌ easy to install. However, we always recommend consulting ⁤a professional if you‍ are unsure about the installation process.

Q: How can I be sure that this‌ switch assembly is⁤ the right one for my LG washing machine?

A: ‍Before purchasing, we ‌recommend checking the part number of your current switch ​assembly to ensure compatibility. ⁤You can also ⁤refer⁤ to the list of supported models⁤ in the product description to see if ⁢your washing machine is included.

Q:⁣ How long does it typically take to ‍receive the switch assembly‍ after placing‌ an⁣ order?

A: Shipping times may vary depending on your⁣ location and the retailer from‍ which you are purchasing. We recommend checking⁣ the ‍estimated delivery times provided by ⁣the seller before placing your order.

Q:‌ Does this switch assembly come with a warranty?

A: It’s best to check with the retailer or​ manufacturer ​for warranty information specific to this product. Warranties may vary, so it’s important ​to confirm the details before making‍ a purchase.

Ignite Your Passion

As we come to ‍the end of our review of the LG‍ WT7600HKA Washing Machine Replacement Switch Assembly,⁣ we hope you ‍found our insights helpful in making an informed⁤ decision. This OEM produced switch ‌is a reliable replacement part for various LG Kenmore brand models, ensuring⁤ your washing machine​ functions smoothly.

If you’re ready to upgrade your washing machine with this⁤ high-quality replacement part,‍ click here to purchase the EBF61674802 Switch Assembly now: Purchase Now!

Thank you for reading and happy washing!

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