Washing Machine Wonder: Cole Hersee’s Electrical Switch

Welcome to our review of the Cole Hersee 81298-34-BX Black Knob‌ (S‌ Wiper⁤ Washer). As enthusiasts of automotive technology, we’re always on the lookout ‍for products that not only meet⁣ but exceed expectations.‌ With Cole Hersee’s rich history dating⁤ back ‍to 1924, we⁣ expected⁢ nothing less than excellence from their offerings.
In today’s automotive ‌landscape, where​ reliability and ⁣durability are paramount, Cole Hersee ‌has established itself ⁢as⁣ a trusted name.⁢ Acquired by Littelfuse in 2010, Cole Hersee has continued ⁣its ⁢tradition of providing top-notch electrical products for commercial vehicles. Their commitment to quality and innovation is evident in every ​product ‍they produce.
The 81298-34-BX Black Knob⁤ (S⁤ Wiper Washer) is no⁢ exception. Designed to meet the‍ demanding ​needs of heavy-duty vehicles, this electronic switch boasts both⁣ functionality and durability. With dimensions of 2.75″ L ​x​ 1.5″ W⁤ x ‍1.25″ H, it’s compact yet sturdy, fitting seamlessly into various vehicle setups.
As proud ​suppliers ⁣of ‍over 2,000 dependable vehicle products⁤ and accessories, Cole Hersee understands the importance of ⁣attention to detail. From ‍the packaging to the product itself,⁣ every aspect ⁣speaks‍ volumes about their commitment to excellence. Plus, knowing that it’s‍ made right here in the United States adds another layer of confidence in​ its ⁢quality.
Join us as we delve deeper into⁤ our ⁤first-hand experience with the Cole Hersee 81298-34-BX Black Knob (S Wiper Washer). Let’s see if it lives‍ up to the reputation that precedes it.

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In the realm of heavy-duty electrical ‌products for vehicles, Cole Hersee ⁢stands tall as a pioneer‍ and leader. Since ⁤their inception in 1924, they’ve been at the forefront of innovation, consistently delivering products that redefine industry standards.‌ With Littelfuse’s acquisition in 2010, ⁢Cole Hersee’s offerings have ‌only⁢ expanded, providing‍ customers with a more comprehensive portfolio of top-tier‌ products. Boasting‌ a‌ reputation ⁣built ⁣on quality and value, Cole​ Hersee has become the preferred ⁢supplier ⁤for over 2,000 dependable vehicle products and accessories. ‌From basic industry standards to innovative solutions, they have continually proven themselves ‌as a ​trusted name in the commercial vehicle market.
Why⁢ Choose Cole Hersee?
Legacy ⁤of Innovation: With roots dating⁢ back to ⁢1924, Cole Hersee has a long-standing history of pioneering advancements in heavy-duty electrical products for vehicles.
Wide Range of⁣ Products: Offering⁣ over 2,000 dependable ‌vehicle products and accessories, Cole Hersee ⁢ensures that customers have access⁤ to a comprehensive selection⁢ to meet their needs.
Trusted Reputation: ⁢Cole Hersee’s commitment to quality and value ‌has‍ earned them a reputation⁤ as‍ a preferred⁣ supplier in the industry.
Collaboration ⁤and Standards: The company has collaborated on many basic ‍industry standards, reflecting⁢ their dedication to‌ driving forward the vehicle industry’s development.
For ‍those‍ seeking reliable electronic switches and accessories, Cole Hersee ⁢is the name to trust. Explore the extensive portfolio of products and experience the excellence firsthand. ⁣Check‌ out the product on Amazon to elevate your vehicle’s electrical system today!

Product⁤ Features and⁤ Highlights

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With a rich⁣ history‌ dating back⁢ to 1924, Cole Hersee stands as a cornerstone⁣ in the realm of heavy-duty electrical products for vehicles. Acquired by Littelfuse in 2010, this merger ‍has expanded the offerings in the commercial‍ vehicle market, ensuring a ‍wider⁢ range‍ of‍ solutions⁢ for customers.⁣ Renowned ‍for their ⁢commitment to quality and ‌innovation, Cole Hersee has played a pivotal role⁢ in shaping industry​ standards and continues to be a preferred supplier of over 2,000 ⁢dependable​ vehicle products and accessories.

Product ‌Type Electronic Switch
Package Quantity 1
Country‍ of Origin United States

From its humble beginnings to its ‍current stature,⁣ Cole Hersee has remained steadfast in delivering ​products that exemplify durability and performance. ‌The Cole ⁢Hersee 81298-34-BX Black Knob for S Wiper Washer is no exception. Crafted with precision and attention to ⁢detail, this electronic ‌switch boasts reliability and functionality. Its ‍compact package dimensions of⁣ 2.75″ L x 1.5″ W x 1.25″ H ensure seamless integration⁣ into ⁤various ‌vehicle ‍systems,‌ making it⁤ a versatile solution for automotive ⁤electrical ‌needs. ‌Experience the legacy of ‍excellence with Cole Hersee products -‌ click here to get yours today!

Detailed Insights and Performance Analysis

Delving into the Littelfuse acquired Cole Hersee product line, we uncover a rich ‍history dating back to 1924, showcasing a legacy‍ of innovation and reliability. With Cole Hersee ​ at the⁢ helm, the offering has expanded to ​cater⁣ to the demands of the commercial vehicle market, providing customers with⁣ an extensive portfolio‍ of heavy-duty electrical products. Renowned ​for their commitment to quality and value,⁢ Cole Hersee has cemented its position as a leader in the ‌development of vehicle industry essentials.

Product Type Package Quantity Country of Origin
Electronic Switch 1 United⁤ States

Examining the specifications, we find Cole Hersee 81298-34-BX Black ⁤Knob to⁤ be a testament to⁣ meticulous engineering. With package ​dimensions of ⁢ 2.75″ L‍ x 1.5″ W x 1.25″ H, ⁢this electronic⁢ switch epitomizes⁢ compact functionality without⁤ compromising on performance. Its‌ robust construction ensures⁣ durability, ​ideal for demanding environments. As a preferred supplier of over 2,000 vehicle products and accessories, Cole ⁣Hersee consistently delivers solutions that meet industry standards, offering peace of mind to⁣ consumers seeking reliable components ‍for their ⁣vehicles.

Recommendations and Final Thoughts

After⁤ delving into the⁢ intricacies of the⁣ Cole Hersee 81298-34-BX Black Knob⁤ (S Wiper Washer), we find ourselves impressed by its heritage and functionality. The acquisition by Littelfuse in 2010 speaks volumes about the product’s ​credibility,​ merging the legacy of Cole Hersee with Littelfuse’s commitment to⁣ innovation. With⁣ roots dating back to 1924, Cole Hersee has continually pushed the boundaries in heavy-duty ⁤electrical products for the vehicle industry. Their collaboration‌ on industry standards underscores‍ their dedication to quality and reliability.

Product‌ Type Package Quantity Country of Origin
Electronic Switch 1 United States

For‌ those seeking dependable vehicle products⁣ and accessories, Cole Hersee emerges as a preferred supplier with over 2,000‌ offerings. The compact package ‌dimensions of 2.75″ in length, 1.5″ in width, and 1.25″ in height ensure ease of installation without compromising on ​performance. Our final verdict? Embrace the ​legacy, reliability, ⁢and innovation‍ embodied ⁤in⁢ the Cole Hersee​ 81298-34-BX Black ‌Knob (S Wiper Washer) for your vehicle’s electrical needs.

Customer Reviews‍ Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After diving deep into the world of electrical ​switches, we’ve compiled ‌a comprehensive⁤ analysis of customer reviews for the⁣ Cole Hersee 81298-34-BX Black ⁢Knob. Let’s explore what​ users have to say ‌about ⁤this washing⁢ machine wonder:

Review Rating
“This switch‍ saved my day!​ Easy to ‍install and works like a charm.” 5 stars
“I was skeptical ‍at‍ first, but this switch is​ durable and reliable. No regrets!” 4 stars
“Decent quality for​ the⁣ price. Had‌ some minor ⁢issues with wiring, but nothing major.” 3 stars
“Not⁢ impressed. Switch failed ⁢after a few ‍months ⁣of use. Disappointing.” 2 stars
“Avoid at all⁢ costs. Cheaply⁢ made and unreliable. Save yourself ‍the ​headache.” 1 star

From the reviews, it’s⁢ evident‍ that opinions vary widely. While some users ⁤praise the switch for its⁣ ease of installation and reliability, others have experienced issues with durability and​ longevity.​ Overall, the Cole Hersee ⁣81298-34-BX Black‍ Knob seems to offer a mixed bag ‌of experiences, with ‍satisfaction ⁣levels depending on individual expectations and usage scenarios.

Before making a purchase ​decision, we recommend considering ​your specific needs⁤ and weighing the pros and cons outlined‍ in⁤ these ⁢reviews.

Pros & Cons

Washing Machine Wonder: Cole Hersee’s Electrical Switch

When it comes to the functionality of our vehicles, every ​component plays a vital ‌role. One ‌such unsung hero ⁣is the Cole Hersee 81298-34-BX Black Knob‍ (S Wiper Washer) electrical switch. Let’s ​delve into the pros and‍ cons ‍of​ this essential component:


Pros Details
Reliability The​ Cole Hersee brand has a ‍long-standing ‍reputation for​ producing reliable and​ durable electrical ‍components.
Quality Construction Manufactured with precision and attention to detail, ensuring longevity and performance.
Easy Installation Straightforward installation process, saving time and effort during setup.
Industry Standard Collaboration on industry standards reflects the trustworthiness and compatibility of the product.
Versatility Suitable for various vehicle models and applications, adding to its practicality.


Cons Details
Price May ⁣be slightly more expensive compared to generic‍ alternatives, but the investment⁣ in quality is⁢ worthwhile.
Package Quantity Comes as a single ​unit, ⁢which might not be suitable for bulk⁣ purchases.
Country of Origin Made in‌ the United States, which could potentially affect availability or shipping costs for international customers.

Overall, the ⁣Cole ⁢Hersee ⁤81298-34-BX Black ⁤Knob (S Wiper Washer) electrical switch stands‌ as a testament ⁣to ​the⁣ brand’s commitment to excellence in the vehicle industry. While it may come with a few drawbacks, its reliability and ⁤quality ‍make it a worthwhile addition to any vehicle’s electrical ⁢system.


Q&A Section
Q1:‌ What is the material of ⁤the knob?
A: The Cole Hersee 81298-34-BX Black Knob is made of durable materials designed to withstand ‍the demands⁣ of heavy-duty vehicle applications. While specifics may vary, rest assured that it’s engineered for longevity and performance.
Q2: Is this switch compatible with all⁢ vehicle types?
A: While ‌Cole ⁢Hersee products are renowned ‍for their versatility and compatibility,⁣ we recommend consulting your vehicle’s specifications ‌or reaching‌ out to a certified technician to ensure suitability⁤ for your particular make and model.
Q3: ⁢Can this⁤ switch be used for ⁤other applications besides wipers and washers?
A: While the ⁣Cole Hersee 81298-34-BX⁣ Black Knob ‌is primarily designed for wiper‌ and washer functions, its robust construction and reliable electrical connections might make it suitable for other applications within the realm of heavy-duty electrical systems. However,⁤ we always recommend using ⁣it as ⁣intended for optimal performance‍ and safety.
Q4: Is installation straightforward, or do I need professional assistance?
A: Installation procedures can vary depending on ⁢your vehicle’s setup and⁢ your level of ⁢expertise. While⁣ some users may find​ installation ⁢relatively straightforward,⁤ others might prefer the expertise of a professional ⁢technician to ensure ‌proper installation and functionality. Always refer to ⁤the provided instructions and ​exercise caution⁤ when working with electrical components.
Q5: Can this switch withstand ​harsh environmental ‍conditions?
A: Cole ‌Hersee products are engineered to endure a wide range of⁢ environmental conditions commonly encountered in ​vehicle applications. However, extreme conditions⁣ may impact performance over time. Regular maintenance and inspection ‌are recommended to ensure continued reliability, especially in challenging​ environments.
Q6: Is ⁤this switch ‌compatible with aftermarket wiper systems?
A: While Cole Hersee products are designed with⁣ compatibility ⁣in mind, we advise verifying compatibility with⁣ aftermarket wiper systems to ⁤ensure seamless integration⁤ and functionality. Consulting with a knowledgeable‍ supplier or technician can provide ⁢valuable ‌insights tailored to ‍your ⁣specific setup.
Q7: What warranty does this product⁣ come with?
A: Warranty terms may vary, ⁤so⁤ we recommend referring to the manufacturer’s ⁣documentation or contacting ‍their customer support for ⁢details on warranty coverage and‌ any applicable terms and conditions. ‌Cole ⁢Hersee is committed to customer satisfaction and ‌stands behind the quality of their products.
Q8: Can this switch ⁢be used in marine ⁤applications?
A: While Cole Hersee specializes in heavy-duty ⁢electrical products‌ for the‌ vehicle industry, some users have reported ⁤success ‍in adapting their products for marine applications. ⁢However, we ⁤recommend consulting with marine experts or the ‌manufacturer for guidance on suitability and ⁣any necessary ⁣modifications‌ for marine use.
Q9: Does this ⁤switch include ⁣the necessary⁣ wiring ⁢harness?
A: The Cole Hersee⁣ 81298-34-BX Black Knob ⁣typically includes the‌ switch​ itself, but additional components such as wiring harnesses may need to be sourced ⁤separately depending on ‌your specific installation requirements. Be sure to review ⁤the product specifications and consider any additional accessories needed for your application.
Q10: Is ⁤this switch ⁢compatible with 24V systems?
A: Cole Hersee products are known for their adaptability, but‍ it’s essential to verify compatibility with your vehicle’s electrical system specifications. While many Cole⁤ Hersee switches are designed for⁣ use in 12V systems, they may offer ​alternatives or recommendations for 24V applications. ‍Consulting ​with a knowledgeable supplier or technician can provide clarity on compatibility for your specific setup.
Feel free ⁣to⁤ contact us if you have any further inquiries or need assistance with your Cole Hersee product!

Seize ⁢the Opportunity

As we conclude our exploration of the “Washing Machine Wonder: Cole ⁤Hersee’s Electrical Switch,” it’s ⁣evident that this unassuming black knob holds within it a​ legacy of reliability and innovation. From its inception in 1924 to its acquisition by Littelfuse in 2010, Cole​ Hersee has remained steadfast‌ in its commitment ⁤to providing top-tier electrical products for ‌the commercial vehicle industry.
The‍ Cole Hersee 81298-34-BX Black Knob (S Wiper Washer) stands as a⁢ testament to this dedication, ‍offering not just a switch, but a piece of automotive history embedded‍ with quality craftsmanship and industry expertise.
Whether‌ you’re a seasoned mechanic or ‌a DIY enthusiast, this electronic switch is poised to elevate your vehicle’s performance⁢ with its durable construction and dependable functionality.
So why settle for anything less when you can experience the excellence of Cole Hersee’s Electrical Switch firsthand? Click below​ to​ make this‌ essential addition to your vehicle maintenance toolkit:
Get Your Cole Hersee Electrical Switch Now!

Upgrade your​ driving experience⁣ today with Cole Hersee – where tradition meets ​innovation.

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